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London has over 234,100 employees working in freight logistics roles, in 27,100 workplaces. This equates to 6% of the regional employment and 7% of the regional workplaces.

42% of the workforce is employed within the wholesale sub-sector, 15% in national post activities, 12% in other transport agencies (such as freight forwarders) and a further 10% in other supporting air transport activities.

Occupational profile of the region’s workforce:

  • 25,000 post workers, mail sorter, messenger or couriers
  • 24,500 in other goods handling and storage (such as warehouse operatives)
  • 22,000 van drivers
  • 14,000 LGV drivers
  • 7,800 transport and distribution managers
  • 7,800 transport and distribution clerks
  • 6,700 storage and warehouse managers
  • 126,300 in other occupations

 Source: London Logistics Factsheet 2009