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The logistics sector in Wales employs around 59,300 people, which is 4% of the nation’s workforce. However, many logistics occupations are also found in other sectors, so the broader logistics sector is approximately 84,600, which is 6% of the nation’s workforce. The wholesale subsector employs the greatest number of people (23,900), followed by freight transport by road (10,000).

There 7,400 logistic workplaces in Wales. 85% of the workplaces in the sector employ less than 10 people and only 1% employ more than 200 people.

17% of workplaces have skill gaps. The main skills lacking are: customer handling skills (59%); communication skills (58%); problem solving skills (54%); and technical and practical skills (53%).

Of the workforce:

  • 76% is male
  • 11% is under 25 years and 41% is over 45 years
  • 13% is self-employed
  • 17% is part-time
  • 2% is from a Black Minority Ethnic group
  • 44% has a below Level 2 qualification
  • 13% has a Level 4 qualification and above

Between 2007 and 2017 in Wales, employment levels are forecast to increase by 5,400. However, replacement demand is expected to be around 25,300. In total, the sector will need to fill 30,700 jobs. All occupational groups will experience a positive demand in employment.

Source: Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Assessment – Wales 2010