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Regional/National Dimension

London continues to be the workbase for nearly half the creative media workforce, but significantly the share of employment in West London has gone down from 16% to 13% while in the North West of England it has increased in proportion from 6% to 10%. This reflects the recent relocation of considerable segments of the BBC’s workforce from White City in West London to Salford Quays in the North West.

Key statistics:

  • London dominates every creative media industry except animation and photo imaging where the South East has the dominant population and Content for Computer Games where the East of England region has similar densities as London due to the cluster of games developers around Cambridge.
  • There are few animators in the West and East Midlands and the East of England and animation has a very modest presence in Northern Ireland and Yorkshire and the Humber. Content for Computer Games workers are negligible in Northern Ireland.
  • Film has its lowest densities in the East of England and Wales.
  • The second highest number of interactive content designers, after London, is in Yorkshire and the Humber. Interactive content design and television are dominant industries in Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Photo imaging has a strong presence in the East and North West of England, and a negligible presence in Scotland
  • Publishing has a very strong presence in the South East and East of England, but it is Scotland’s dominant industry.
  • Radio has a low presence in the South West.
  • Television has its lowest presence in the East of England.

Source: Skillset Sector Skills Assessment 2010 and Skillset Employment Census 2009