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East Midlands

In the East Midlands, Loughborough University houses the Animation Academy and Digital Animation Workshop. Hot Knife Digital, Silee Films, advance fxa, Aaron Bradbury and Max Crow are all based in the region.

The region hosts some of the UK’s leading games developers including Climax On-line in Nottingham, Eurocom and Circle Studios in Derby, and Free Radical in Sandiacre near Nottingham.

There are around 600 people working in corporate and commercial production industry.

Finishing Post in Nottingham is an established editing and graphics post-production facility house. Giltbrook Studios, owned by Finishing Post, is on the same site and offers a purpose-built drive-in sound stage. There are over 1,000 people working in the industry in the region.

With access to resources and support from EM Media, the East Midlands has produced some successful writers, directors and companies in the film industry. Threshold Studios, based in Northampton, have produced films for the First Light young filmmakers scheme and with Warp Films on the Skillset-funded Darklight women directors project. Nottingham's Spool Films/Confetti Institute also supports emerging film and digital content talent. The Media Archive for Central England (MACE) and the Bang Short Film Festival are also hosted in the region. Around 100 people in the film industry live in the region.

After publishing and photo imaging, interactive media is the largest creative industries in the East Midlands. Nottingham has a number of successful and expanding interactive companies. Elektonika, Cuttlefish, Jupiter Design Ltd and Emnet are successful digital media communications companies in the region. IPTV (internet protocol TV) companies are starting to cluster in Lincolnshire as the University of Lincoln has satellite uplink facilities and a broadcast media graduate population to service the sector. There are 2,100 people working in the industry in the region.

There are nearly 2,700 people working in the photo imaging industry. Nottingham is home to Boots and PA Photos, the photo library of the Press Association.

Nottingham has the highest number of radio stations including Heart 106, Classic Gold, Saga and Trent FM owned by GCap/Global. The Lincoln-based, Lincs FM Group, owns a number of stations in the region and across the country. Sabras Sound in Leicester caters for a predominantly Asian audience, whilst Ofcom have granted community licenses to seven stations. BBC Radio has stations in Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Northampton and the BBC's Asian Network is also based in Leicester. Around 800 people work in the industry in the region.

The region hosts several independent production companies with regular television commissions and corporate production work, including: Kingfisher, Channel 2020, The Media Group, 360 Red, Whistling Gypsy and Main Street Media. ITV Local and BBC East Midlands are based in Nottingham. Midlands Asian Television (MATV), based in Leicester, has a restricted service licence to broadcast news, current affairs and bought-in Asian films and TV programmes to the Leicester area. The channel also has a cable arm, Channel 6. The regional workforce is around 600.

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