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There are around 1,500 people working within animation companies, with more employed across the creative industries in London.

There is high concentration of games publishers in London, including Eidos and the European head offices of Sony Computer Entertainment.

There are an estimated 5,600 people working in corporate and commercial production industry.

There are 16,700 people working in post-production, studio and equipment hire, special effects and outside broadcast facilities in London.

London's film industry alone has a turnover of around £13 billion a year, it is the largest post-production centre outside of Hollywood and of the top 15 grossing films of the last decade five were made in and around London. Around 5,700 people who work in production live in London.

13,200 people work for specialist interactive media companies in the key platforms of interactive television, web and internet, and offline multimedia.

The largest proportion of those who work in photo imaging are based in London; nearly 10,500 people. London has the highest concentration of fashion, advertising and editorial photographers as well as numerous specialist image producers and retouching/digital bureaux. A large majority of picture libraries and four Skillset Approved Training Providers for Photo imaging are based in London.

There are approximately 8,800 individuals working in publicly funded, commercial, community and voluntary radio, which is 38% of the industry.

There are around 36,600 people working in broadcast TV, cable and satellite, and independent production, which is 65% of the industry.

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Profile of the creative media sector in London, 2009


Note: Figure excludes cinema exhibition.

Source: Skillset Employment Census 2009, figure 6b.