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North East

The games industry in the region has grown by 113% over the past four years. In particular Merseyside played a critical role in the development of the UK Games industry and this is reflected in the pool of interactive software talent in and around Liverpool.

In the North East, a high percentage of regional Tyne Tees Television adverts are made within the region, with a substantial proportion being made by Dene Films in Newcastle. These commissions help to sustain local post production houses. There are nearly 900 people working in the facilities industry.

The region is home to several established independent film and TV production companies, such as Costal Productions and Ipso Facto Films, as well as new companies, such as Standing Stone. There are three international film festivals in North East England: AV, Northern Lights and Animex.

There are 2,700 people working in the interactive media industry.

There are nearly 1,200 people working in the photo imaging industry.

There are eight commercial radio stations in the region, including four owned by Emap and two by Radio Investments. The BBC has two local radio stations (Newcastle and Cleveland). Radio Tyneside is run by volunteers and provides hospital broadcasting for Newcastle and Gateshead. There are two Restricted Service Licences in the region. Around 500 people work in the industry.

The region houses two terrestrial television broadcasters, BBC and Tyne Tees. Tyne Tees' regional output is factual and a quarter of Tyne Tees non-news regional output is commissioned from independent producers across the region. In 2000, Tyne Tees created Signpost, which is now the leading supplier of on-screen British Sign Language translation. There are around 400 people working in the industry.

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