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North West

There are an estimated 600 people working within animation companies, with more employed across the creative industries.

There are over 1,000 people working in corporate and commercial production industry.

The facilities and post-production industry in the North West is based in Manchester, BBC Resources and Granada have joined together to establish 3sixtymedia, the largest facilities company outside of the BBC in London. Sumner's, the region’s largest post-production house, has increased its post production facilities over two sites to include studio facilities at mediacity:uk. There are over 900 people working in the industry.

Merseyside markets itself as having the most significant film industry outside London and North West Vision and Media reported that 2006 was the busiest year to date for filming in the region. Around 300 people in the film industry live in the region.

There are 1,800 people working in the interactive media industry in the North West.

Around 5,000 people work in the photo imaging industry and over half of these are photographers. Most of the businesses are very small, with almost 90% employing just 1-5 people. Redeye (the North West Photography Network) is based in Manchester. Venture Portraits has its Head Office and fulfilment centre in Cheshire.

There is a large radio industry in the region, with a workforce of 2,600. The region has four BBC local stations and approximately 30 broadcast commercial radio companies.

Television broadcasting is an important component of the creative industries in the region. There are around 4,200 in the workforce. Manchester is a large and established broadcasting centre and the leading regional TV centre outside London. The BBC is relocating London-based staff to mediacity:uk in Salford. ITV (formerly Granada), also based in Manchester, produces a significant amount of network and regional programming. Independent production is strong in the region with over 90 production companies in the region.

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