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There are 45,420 people working in the Scottish creative and cultural sector, of which 1% is in advertising. Advertising in Scotland contributes £36 million to the UK economy. More than 88% of the advertising workforce is white and 32% are female. 30% of the workforce is self-employed.

In Scotland, there are over 200 people working within animation companies, with more employed across the creative industries. Offshoring is a challenge for the industry.

Scotland has carved a significant niche in the games industry with a number of high-end studios producing games for worldwide distribution and a workforce of around 600. Popular games console titles, like ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘State of Emergency’ and ‘Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup’ were all produced in Scottish studios. Dundee and the east coast, through to Edinburgh, are home to the majority of Scotland's computer games developers.

There are over 800 people working in corporate and commercial production industry.

There are 900 people working in the facilities industry.

Around 600 people in the film industry live in Northern Ireland.

3,000 people work for specialist companies in the key platforms of web and internet, interactive television, offline multimedia in Scotland. This amounts to 7% of the interactive media workforce as a whole.

The photo imaging industry employs around 2,800 people in 750 companies across four broad sub-sectors: Photographers, Image producers and photo retailers, Picture libraries and agencies, and Manufacturing and support services.

1,780 individuals work in radio. Scotland's radio enterprises range from very large corporations such as the BBC to small, not-for-profit community radio stations.

The total value of TV production activity in Scotland was over £111 million. Of which £54 million are attributable to commissions from the main UK broadcasting networks. Network production in Scotland has declined since 2004. There are over 2,500 people in the TV workforce.

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