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South East

There are an estimated 600 people employed in the animation industry in the region.

Major games publishers and software companies (including IBM and Microsoft) are in the region. Surrey has a concentration of companies working in computer games development, including the European headquarters of the American games company, Electronic Arts. Other development studios are clustered in Brighton, Guildford and Oxford.

There are an estimated 200 people working in the computer games industry in the South East.

There are 1,200 people working in corporate and commercial production industry.

There are 5,700 people working in post-production, studio and equipment hire, special effects and outside broadcast facilities.

Over 1,700 people working in film production crews live in the region, with 2,000 performers. Others working in Facilities provide services for film, with 5,700 employed in the sub-sectors of post-production, studio and equipment hire, special effects, outside broadcast, processing laboratories, transmission, manufacture of AV equipment and other services for film and TV. A number of high-end film and documentary companies exist in the region, including Spice Factory and Seventh Arts. Pinewood Studios is Europe's largest film and television studio facility, providing a work base at full capacity for some 3,000 people working in production and facilities.

The interactive media and computer games industries make up 11% of all creative industries employment in the South East. There are over 6,000 people working in specialist companies in the key platforms of web and internet, interactive television and offline multimedia. A significant cluster of interactive businesses exists in Brighton and Hove, comprising largely web design companies, together with IT software and services, corporate media and e-learning producers. World renowned companies, such as LindenLab and Club Penguin, have set up their British HQ in Brighton.

There are over 6,800 people working in the photo imaging industry in the region covering all parts of the industry from individual photographers to larger manufacturing outlets.

The South East accounts for a significant proportion of the radio industry with a workforce of 2,400. There are 43 commercial radio franchises in the region, including 10 community radio stations (e.g. Unity 101FM, Radio Reverb), plus 28 Restricted Service Licences radio operators, whose services include hospital radio, sports information and campus radio. The BBC is represented by five local radio stations. The region accounts for one of the greatest concentrations of commercial radio employees.

There are around 2,400 people working in broadcast TV, cable and satellite, and independent production. The region is home to key broadcasters including ITV Meridian, BBC South and BBC South East, ITV Local, Six TV and Kent TV. Over 10% of the UK's 1,500 plus production companies are based in the region and some companies have regional offices in the region. This represents the largest grouping outside of London and includes companies making feature films, corporate audio visual material, programmes for broadcast television and commercials. Maidstone Studios in Kent are a significant creative industries cluster; the region also boasts two major broadcast support employers, Virgin Media and Arqiva.

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