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There are 24,060 people working in the Welsh creative and cultural sector, of which 2% are in advertising. Advertising in Wales contributes £5.3 million to the UK economy. More than 99% of the advertising workforce is white and 79% are male. 23% of the advertising workforce is self-employed.

Wales has about 8% of the overall UK animation workforce, and produces approximately 1,500 minutes (25 hours) of animation per year. Animation is a particular strength in Wales with the three leading Welsh animation studios clustered around the Cardiff Bay area. There are around 400 people in the industry.

There is a growing computer gaming sector with Jester Interactive Limited, Gamesworld 7, Broadsword Interactive and Dark Rock Games.

There are over 200 people working in corporate and commercial production industry.

Welsh Company Barcud Derwen is the largest television and film facilities company outside of London, with has an established track record of award winning work for broadcast, film, and new media production. There are 700 people working in the industry.

During 2007/08, over 90 productions which were shot in Wales, bringing in an expenditure of approximately £31.9 million. The £7 million Wales Creative IP Fund has been a major boost to film production in Wales, financing feature film productions like the Edge of Love.

The interactive media industry is rapidly growing with around 100 companies employing around 1,700 people. Freelancers account for around 26% of the workforce in Wales.

The photo imaging industry employs around 1,200 people. Most of the businesses are very small, with the majority employing just 1-5 people, reflecting the high number of freelancers and sole traders in the industry.

Wales has the highest levels of radio listening in the UK, with radio audiences in Wales averaging 24.4 hours of listening per week. The radio industry employs around 1,000 people across Wales in enterprises which range from very large corporations (such as the BBC) to small, not-for-profit community radio stations.

Compared to the size of the population (approximately 3 million people), levels of network production are low in Wales. The Independent sector in Wales is a significant employer. Consolidation with the Independent sector has led to Welsh companies, such as Tinopolis and Boomerang, becoming major players within the UK TV sector. There are around 2,400 people employed in the TV industry.

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