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North East

N.B. Data for the North East has not been updated.

The North East passenger transport sector employs 23,000 people, which is the lowest number compared to other English regions. There is a small concentration of transport planners in the region. The region has Newcastle International airport and Durham Tees Valley airport, plus six commercial sea ports. The highest number of employees are in the taxi and private hire sub-sector, followed by the bus and coach sub-sector.

22% of the hackney and private hire workforce is female, compared to 11% in 2004 marking a significant increase. The workforce boasts the second highest proportion of Indian descent employees, who are over-represented in the region’s transport workforce. The highest proportion of the region’s workforce has an NVQ Level 2 or higher, compared with other English regions. The average age of the workforce is 45.7 years.

There are significant skills gaps in the clerical occupations.

Employer statistics:

  • There are 2,200 passenger transport companies operating in the region, but including sole traders this rises to nearly 22,000.
  • 98.2% of companies in the region employ between 1-10 staff.
  • 14% of companies report skill gaps and 6% report retention problems.
  • Skills gaps are reported for oral communication, customer handling and general IT skills.
  • 34% of companies report vacancies and 68% report hard-to-fill vacancies.

Source: GoSkills North East Factsheet 2006

Number of passenger transport employees in North East, 2005


Source: GoSkills North East Factsheet 2006.

Data derived from the Labour Force Survey 2005 and Annual Business Inquiry 2004.