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Yorkshire and Humberside

There are approximately 51,300 passenger transport employees in the Yorkshire and Humber region. The majority of the workforce is employed in the bus and coach sub-sectors. The passenger transport sector plays an important role in supporting tourism, allowing the workforce to access the workplace and improving social inclusion through community transport operations.

Workforce statistics:

  • 88% of the workforce is male.
  • 5% of the workforce is under 25 years, 66% aged 25-50 years and 29% aged 50 years and over.
  • 14% have a Black and Minority Ethnic background.
  • 39% of the workforce is in driver/operative occupations.

Employer statistics:

  • There are 1,600 passenger transport companies operating in the region, but including sole traders this rises to 19,000.
  • 98.5% of companies in the region employ between 1-10 staff.
  • 23% of companies report recruitment difficulties, 42% report generic skill gaps and 33% report technical skill gaps
  • Skills gaps are reported for foreign languages, vehicle engineering and maintenance, and job related IT.
  • 30% of companies report vacancies and 9% report hard-to-fill vacancies.

Source: GoSkills Yorkshire and Humberside Factsheet 2009 and GoSkills Employer Skills Survey 2008

Number of passenger transport employees in Yorkshire and the Humber, 2007


Source: GoSkills Yorkshire and Humberside Factsheet 2009.

Data derived from the Labour Force Survey 2007.