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92,400 people were employed in the sector across Scotland in 2008, of which:

  • Nearly 46% (42,400) of employment in the sector is within the cleaning and support services industry
  • 33% (30,400) in property and housing
  • 21% (19,200) in facilities management

There are around 11,000 workplaces in the sector, accounting for 5.7% of all workplaces in Scotland. 90% of businesses in the sector are small employing between 1-10 people.

Elementary occupations account for 31% of all employment within the Scottish sector, compared with 11% across all sectors in the UK. Managerial occupations account for 21%, compared with 16% in the UK.

Workforce characteristics:

  • 67% of the sector workforce is employed full-time, compared with 75% in the Scottish economy.
  • 52% of the workforce in the cleaning and support services industry is employed part-time, compared with 25% in the whole Scottish economy.
  • 59% of the sector workforce is female.
  • 98% of the workforce is white.
  • 68% of the sector workforce is aged 35 years or older, compared with 65% across Scotland.
  • 17% of the sector workforce has no qualifications, compared with 9% across the UK.
  • 61% of the property and housing industry workforce hold of Level 3 or above qualification and 72% in the facilities management industry.
  • 35% of the workforce within the cleaning and support services industry does not hold any qualifications and 61% are qualified below Level 2.

Source: Asset Skills Sector Skills Assessment – Scotland 2010