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East of England

  • Employers highlight that personality attributes are important when selecting employees (e.g. reliability, flexibility, initiative, common sense, keenness, enthusiasm, positive attitude and passion for the area of work).
  • Transferable skills (e.g. customer service, communication), management, core technical skills and literacy and numeracy skills were deemed important by employers.
  • The median spend on training is £500 to £999. Trained staff in the East of England attended an average of 7 days training, compared with 11 days in England.
  • Coaching, teaching and instruction staff are the most likely to receive training.
  • Approximately £11.8m was invested in active leisure, learning and well-being courses – 10% of the total funding for the sector (£121m).
  • The region is home to 4 of the 7 Centres of Vocational Excellence in Sport, Leisure, Recreation and Fitness in England and has 37 FE Colleges offering sports related courses.

Source: East of England Sector Skills Agreement Regional Action Plan 2006 and Sector Skills Agreement Executive Summary – East of England 2006