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Professor Anne Green

Anne left IER in 2017 to take up a post as Professor of Regional Economic Development at City-REDI (Regional Economic Development Institute), Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.

A geographer by background, Anne's research focused on employment, non-employment, regional and local labour market issues, migration and commuting, and associated policy issues.Her recent research at IER was concerned with growth sectors, inclusive growth, the impacts of labour migration and geographical mobility more generally (including long distance commuting), the geography of employment and worklessness, local skills strategies, young people's transitions to employment, and the role of social networks and place attachment in understanding labour market behaviour. Anne contributed to evaluations of welfare-to-work programmes and area-based initiatives and led the national evaluation of the City Strategy initiative. More information on Anne's projects.

Selected publications

  • Adam, D., Atfield, G. and Green, A.E. (2017) What works? Policies for employability in cities, Urban Studies 54(5), 1162-1177. (DOI: 10.1177/0042098015625021)
  • Green, A.E., Kispeter, E., Sissons, P. and Froy, F. (2017) How international cities lead an inclusive growth agendas. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
  • Green, A.E., Sissons, P., Broughton, K., and de Hoyos, M. with Warhurst, C. and Barnes, S-A. (2015) 'How cities can connect people in poverty with jobs', York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, [Report] [view]
  • White, R.J. and Green, A.E. (2015) 'The importance of socio-spatial influences in shaping young people's employment aspirations: case study evidence from three British cities', Work, Employment and Society 29 (2), 295-313.
  • Green, A., Atfield, G., Adam, D. and Staniewicz, T. (2013) 'Determinants of the Composition of the Workforce in Low Skilled Sectors of the UK Economy Lot 2: Qualitative Research ? Final Report', London: UK Borders Agency, Home Office, Report for Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) [Report] [view]
  • Green, A.; Atfield, G.; Adam, D. (2013) 'Local worklessness policy analysis case studies', DWP Research Report No. 844, DWP Research Report No. 844 [Report] [view]
  • Green, A., de Hoyos, M., Barnes, S-A., Owen, D., Baldauf, B. and Behle, H. (2013) 'Literature Review on Employability, Inclusion and ICT, Report 1: The Concept of Employability, with a Specific Focus on Young People, Older Workers and Migrants', JRC Technical Report (Report EUR 25794 EN), Editors: Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, JRC Technical Report [Report] [view]
  • Green A.E., Li Y., Owen D. and de Hoyos M. (2012) 'Inequalities in use of the Internet for job search: similarities and contrasts by economic status in Great Britain' Environment And Planning A 44 (10), 2344 - 2358.

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