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Professor Clare Lyonette

Research interests

I am interested in all aspects of gender and the labour market, including women's career choices and constraints; gender roles and gender equality; the division of domestic labour and childcare; atypical working, flexible working arrangements and new ways of working; the quality of part-time work; motherhood, fatherhood and social class differences; work-life balance, work-life conflict and wellbeing. I am interested in supervising research students with these or related research areas.

Academic profile

I joined the Institute for Employment Research in February 2009 after working at City University, London, on a series of ESRC-funded projects, including an extended project within the Gender Equality Network ( I use both qualitative and quantitative data in my research, focusing specifically on working time, work flexibility, gender issues within the labour market and work and family issues. Since joining IER, I have been involved in a variety of projects, including an evaluation of the Quality Part-time Work Fund for the Government Equalities Office (GEO). I have co-authored an ILO report on the influence of working time arrangements on work-life balance, and led a Nuffield Foundation-funded project on the higher education experiences and labour market outcomes of student mothers. I was also a co-investigator on an ESRC-funded seminar series on work-life balance and the recession and a co-I on a project looking at work-life balance in the armed forces, funded by the MoD. I recently supervised a research student who was examining work-life balance issues for women in Nigeria. Another is examining the career progression of hospitality workers in Malaysia. Another PhD student is looking at formal and informal flexible working arrangements within the finance sector in the UK, using mixed-methods research.

Current projects

  • Identification of factors affecting successful outcomes in the DDU-GKY Indian skills programme for unemployed young people. Funded by ESRC. Project Start Date: 3/10/2018 - Project End Date: 02/10/2020 [details]
  • Public engagement research for the SPF UK Population Laboratory. With Peter Elias and Erika Kispeter. Funded by ESRC. Project Start Date: 01/11/2018 - Project End Date: 31/01/2020 [details]
  • Study on the wider benefits of completing a degree. With Wil Hunt, Heike Behle, David Owen, Beate Baldauf, Daria Luchinskaya and Gaby Atfield. Funded by Department for Education. Project Start Date: 22/10/2018 - Project End Date: 17/05/2019 [details]
  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and employment after leaving the UK Armed Forces. With Sally-Anne Barnes, David Owen and Erika Kispeter. Funded by Forces in Mind Trust. Project Start Date: 01/11/2018 - Project End Date: 31/10/2019 [details]
  • The state of sexism in UK schools. With Gaby Atfield and Erika Kispeter. Funded by UK Feminista. Project Start date: 23/03/2016 - Project End date: 13/01/2017 [details]
  • Research on job quality and the purpose of work. With Chris Warhurst (PI) and Sally Wright. Funded by the CIPD. Project start date: 03/2017-06/ 2017. [details]

All projects

Selected publications

Lyonette, C., Atfield, G., Baldauf, B. and Owen, D. (2019) Research on the educational psychologist workforce: research report. Department for Education (March).

Lyonette, C., Barnes, S-A, Kispeter, E., Fisher, N. and Newell, K. (2018, June) 'Military spousal/partner employment: Identifying the barriers and support required', Army Families Federation. [view report]

Lyonette, C., Hunt, W. and Baldauf, B. (2017) Occupations and skills of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Graduates. British Academy. [view report]

Warhurst, C., Wright, S. and Lyonette, C. (2017) CIPD Research Services: Job Quality Study. Report 1 – Thematic Literature Review. CIPD.

Lewis, S., Anderson, D., Lyonette, C., Payne, N. and Wood, S. (2017) ‘Public sector austerity cuts in the UK and the changing discourse of work-life balance'. Work, Employment and Society, 31 (4): 586-604.

Lyonette, C., Lewis, S., Anderson, D., Payne, N. and Wood, S. (2017) Work-life balance and austerity: implications of new ways of working in UK public sector organisations, in Lewis et al. (eds) ‘Work-Life Balance in Times of Austerity and Beyond: meeting the needs of employees, organizations and social justice’. Routledge.

Lyonette, C. (2015) ‘Part-time work, work-life balance and gender equality’, The Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 37 (3): 321-333. The abstract is available.

Warren, T. and Lyonette, C. (2015) ‘The quality of part-time work’, in Felstead, A., Gallie, D. and Green, F. (eds) Unequal Britain at Work, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lyonette, C., Atfield, G., Behle, H. and Gambin, L. (2015) Tracking student mothers’ higher education participation and early career outcomes over time: initial choices and aspirations, HE experiences and career destinations. Final Report. London: Nuffield Foundation.

All publications

All conference presentations

Professional membership

  • British Psychological Society (1994 to date)
  • British Sociological Association (2010 to date)
  • European Sociological Association (2011 to date)

Other professional activities

  • Member of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology Work-life balance Working Group (2009 to date)
  • Elected editorial board member for Work, Employment and Society (January 2011- January 2014)
  • Elected Associate board member for Work, Employment and Society (January 2017- December 2019).




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