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Dr Sally-Anne Barnes

Academic profile

With an established track record in research, Sally-Anne has worked on and successfully managed a range of projects in the careers field to inform policy and practice for over 20 years. Her international research projects have investigated the transformation of careers and the labour market and the impact of technology on work, plus how individuals engage with lifelong guidance and learning across the life course, navigate the labour market and the narratives around these transitions and decisions. Sally-Anne specialises in labour market data and its technical applications, focusing on careers, and the use of ICT to support careers practitioners. She has undertaken research for the UK Government, sector bodies, charities and international organisations (such as the EC, OECD, CEDEFOP), the findings of which have been used to inform policy and practice.

Sally-Anne is an experienced lecturer having taught within the higher education sector for a number of years. She has also designed and delivered face-to-face and online training for careers practitioners, employment service providers and local governments.

Sally-Anne is an experienced mixed methods researcher and has particular expertise in qualitative research methodologies and data analysis techniques as applied to longitudinal biographical research. Utilising her expertise in different literature review methodologies, she has undertaken a number of reviews on lifelong guidance, career adaptability, career development interventions, employability, self-employment, skills diagnostics and screening tools, the armed forces community and internet-enabled labour exchanges.

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