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Sally Wright

Research interests

Sally's research interests are on job quality, working time arrangements, pay equity, executive remuneration, workplace health and safety, restructuring, retirement and superannuation and work-life balance. She is currently undertaking doctoral studies in the field of job quality.

Academic profile

Sally joined IER in February 2013. Sally came from the Workplace Research Centre (WRC) at The University of Sydney Business School where she was the project manager and lead researcher for the Award Reliance project. This was a major project commissioned by the Fair Work Commission (FWC, Australian federal government agency responsible for setting minimum wages). The project involved conducting a survey of over 11,000 Australian businesses about their wage-setting practices and reliance on minimum wages. The findings are being used by the Australian Minimum Wages Panel in the 2013-14 Minimum Wage Review.

Before joining the WRC, Sally worked for five years as a National Industrial Officer for the Finance Sector Union of Australia and in IR, employment and VET in the New South Wales public sector. She has undertaken consultancy work for a range of clients including the NSW MERSITAB, UNESCO and UNESCAP.

Current projects

  • Longitudinal Study of FE students. With Chris Warhurst. Funded by Edge Foundation and City & Guilds. Project Start date: 01/11/15 - Project End date: 31/10/18 [details]
  • QuInnE, H2020 EURO SOCIETY 2014, Topic: EURO 2 2014. With Anne Green and Chris Warhurst. Funded by: European Commission. Project Start Date 01-07-2015 - Project End Date 30-06-2018
  • IAA 14-18 Leveraging Workplace Innovation. Funded by ESRC. Project Start date: 03/03/2015 - Project end date: 31/08/2018
  • Provision for ERM Restructuring factsheets. Funded by European Foundation. Project Start Date: 23/04/2014 - 28/02/2018

All projects

Selected publications

  • Wright, S., Warhurst, C., Lyonette, C. and Sarkar, S. (2018) Understanding and measuring job quality, CIPD Research Services Job Quality Study, Report 2. London: CIPD.
  • Warhurst, C., Wright, S. and Lyonette, C. (2017) Understanding and measuring job quality, CIPD Research Services Job Quality Study, Report 1. London: CIPD.

  • Bryan, D., Rafferty, M., Toner, P. and Wright, S. (2017). Financialisation and labour in the Australian commercial construction industry. The Economic and Labour Relations Review.Found at Online first:
  • Warhurst, C., Mathieu, C. and Wright, S. ((2017)) ‘Workplace Innovation and the Quality of Working Life in an Age of Uberisation’, chapter in P. Oeij, D. Rus and F. Pot (editors) Workplace Innovation: Theory, Research and Practice, Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-Being series, Springer Publishing Company.
  • Stuart, F., Pautz, H., Crimin, S. and Wright, S. (2016). What makes for decent work? A Study with low paid workers in Scotland (Initial Findings). A UWS-Oxfam Partnership report with the support of Warwick Institute for Employment Research. Glasgow: Oxfam Scotland.
  • Stuart, F., Pautz, H., and Wright, S. (2016). Decent Work for Scotland's Low-Paid Workers: A Job to be done. A UWS-Oxfam Partnership report with the support of Warwick Institute for Employment Research. Glasgow: Oxfam Scotland.
  • Mathieu, C., Warhurst, C. and Wright, S. (2016) ‘Jakość pracy jako dźwignia innowacji organizacyjnych oraz rola zarządzania zasobami ludzkimi’ (‘Job Quality as a Lever for Organizational Innovation’ and the Role of Human Resource Management’) in Strumińska-Kutra, M.; Rok, B. (eds) Innowacje w miejscu pracy. Pomiędzy efektywnością a jakością życia społecznego (Workplace innovations: Between efficiency and quality of work life), pp 51-74, Warszawa: Poltext Publishing House
  • Barnes, S-A., Wright, S., Irving, P. and Deganis, I. (2015). Identification of latest trends and current developments in methods to profile jobseekers in European public employment services: final report. Brussels: Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission
  • Eurofound (2015). Upgrading or polarisation? Long-term and global shifts in the employment structure: European Jobs Monitor 2015. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. (Contributors: Hurley, J., Fernández-Macías, E., Antón, J.I., Muñoz de Bustillo Llorente, R., Anxo, D., Franz, C., Kümmerling, A., Oesch, D., Murphy, E., Grimshaw, D., Rafferty, A., Gimpelson, V., Kapeliushnikov, R., Hwang, D.S., Warhurst, C., Wright, S., Whelan, S., Yang, D., Jie, C., Xiaobo, Q., Teicher, J., Dwyer, R., Wright, E.O. and Kambayashi, R.)
  • Warhurst, C. and Wright, S. (2014). If it's innovation you want, think about job quality. In: BBVA (eds) Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age, Madrid: BBVA, pp. 157-174.

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Sally Wright


Senior Research Fellow


Institute for Employment Research
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

Tel: +44(0)24 76 523514

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