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IER Publications 2019

Refereed journals

Bimrose,J. , Brown. A., Mulvey, R., Kieslinger, B. and Dewanti, R.T. (2019) Transforming identities and co-constructing careers of career counselors, Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Volume 111, April, pp 7-23.

Eikhof, D. R., Newsinger, J., Luchinskaya, D., and Aidley, D. (2019). And… action? Gender, knowledge and inequalities in the UK screen industries. Gender, Work & Organization. Advance online publication.

Orton, M. (2019) Challenges for anti-poverty action: developing approaches that are solutions focused, participative and collaborative. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 27 (1): 131-136.

Literature Reviews

Baldauf, .B. and Luchinskaya, D. (2019) Graduate choices in post-education jobs and careers – a literature review. London: Department for Education.

Dickinson, P. (2019) Choices students make between different post-18 education routes. London: Department for Education

Hunt, W. and Atfield, G. (2019) The wider (non-market) benefits of post 18 education for individuals and society. London: Department for Education.

Book Chapters


Bailey, D., Driffield, N. & Kispeter, E. (2019) Brexit, foreign investment and employment: some implications for industrial policy?, Contemporary Social Science, DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2019.1566563

Luchinskaya, D. and Dickinson, P. (2019). The adult skills gap: is falling investment in UK adults stalling social mobility? London: Social Mobility Commission (Social Mobility Commission Report).

Lyonette, C., Atfield, G., Baldauf, B. and Owen, D. (2019) Research on the educational psychologist workforce: research report. Department for Education (March).

Policy Paper