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European Project Management - Seminar

Seminar on Project Management for Public Policy and International Cooperation
Dr. Luca Cattani

Tuesday 10th of July, 11:30-13:00
Room: S1.50 (Social Sciences building)

(Lunch will be provided)

The seminar introduces the basic knowledge and skills that are relevant for planning and formulating project proposals under international and European calls for proposals, with particular reference to international cooperation. The methodology presented refers to the approaches adopted and recognized by the major international (e.g., UN, FAO, EU) and national organizations (e.g., the General Directorates for Development Cooperation in most of the European countries). It includes the analysis of the stages of preparation and implementation of development projects, defining for each phase the role of the involved players and the decisions they must make, in an attempt to help individuals defining a project idea, identifying problems and defining the objectives of a development/cooperation project.

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Dr. Luca Cattani is Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna, and IAS Warwick International Fellow