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Political economy of higher education and training - Symposium

Symposium on the political economy of higher education and training

Friday 13th of July
12.00-17.00 (provisional timing)
Wolfson Research Exchange


How does the socio-political context affect the spheres of higher education and training? This symposium will discuss, using the lens of the “three worlds of human capital formation” (Iversen and Stevens, 2008), how different welfare state regimes affect the design of and participation in higher education and training activities, focusing on younger people’s access to the labour market. Research has often focused on the increase in graduate supply and the expansion in HE, as well as on whether graduates are ‘matched’ in the jobs they do. However, examining the socio-political context and its interaction with higher education and training institutions can shed new light on graduates’ transitions into the labour market in different countries, focusing on the UK and Italy among others.

This event will bring together scholars on HE, graduate employment and human capital formation across different disciplines and different institutions.

This symposium is organised as part of the IAS International Visiting Fellowship scheme.

Speakers: To be confirmed

References: Iversen, T. and Stephens, J.D. (2008). Partisan Politics, the Welfare State, and Three Worlds of Human Capital Formation, Comparative Political Studies, 41(4/5): 600-637.