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Impact Apprenticeships

**Please note the IAA is currently not accepting applications (for any stream) due to budget restraints. We will notify departments as soon as possible should further funding become available.**

The Warwick ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) is offering funding for impact apprenticeships.

The aim of the programme is to offer researchers at the beginning of their careers the opportunity to develop their experience of planning, facilitating and evaluating impact, while enabling departments to benefit from additional resource to develop their impact activities.

Departments are invited to apply for funding to support a Warwick-based PhD student, research assistant or post-doctoral researcher (within 2 years of completing their PhD) to work on a Social Sciences impact project of up to 1 month in total duration. They must not already be on a permanent or full-time contract.

Funding is available to cover the equivalent of 1 month’s 1.0FTE salary at FA5 or FA6 (£25,728-£38,833 p.a. pro rata) although this can be spread across up to 6 months. Please note salaries will normally be paid at the bottom end of the FA5 or FA6 scales unless special circumstances are justified. An additional fund of up to £500 is available towards non-staff costs relating to the project, such as printing or event costs.

This opportunity is funded through the training strand of the IAA and departments will be expected to provide support to the apprentice, such as providing them with desk space, mentoring, and opportunities to attend project meetings.

Training will also be delivered by the faculty impact officer to help apprentices build their skills and knowledge relating to the impact agenda and routes to achieving impact.

Apprentices must be engaged to work on a specific project or piece of work, for example to organise an impact event or to conduct follow-up work to establish the impact achieved following an engagement activity.

Applications are also welcome from post-viva PhD students to work on activities designed to maximise the impact of their PhD research.

How to apply

**Please note the IAA is currently not accepting applications (for any stream) due to budget restraints. We will notify departments as soon as possible should further funding become available.**

To apply, please email with the following information on no more than 3 sides of A4:

1. Details of the project the apprentice will be working on and the anticipated impact, including how this will be measured.

2. Details of how the programme will benefit the apprentice’s career development and what structures will be put in place to support the apprentice.

3. Details of how the project will fit into the department’s impact strategy or help develop the impact of a wider research project (e.g. a potential REF case study).

4. A breakdown of anticipated costs and time allocation, including project start and end date (the project may be spread over up to 6 months but must not total more than the equivalent of 1 month’s full-time work).

5. Name and contact details of the apprentice (if not yet identified, this can be provided at a later stage). Please note the apprentice will be invited to attend training with the faculty impact officer.

6. A statement of support signed by the Head of Department and the member of staff who will be acting as mentor to the apprentice.

Deadline for applications

Deadlines for applications are rolling, in line with the standard IAA application deadlines.

For further information or advice on applying please contact the Social Sciences Impact Managers Claire Gerard or Carolyn Silvester.

Conditions of funding


Following completion of the project, recipients of funding must provide a short report on outcomes and progress, including a breakdown of funds spent. Grant holders may also be asked to complete the IAA online report form to feed into ESRC reporting requirements.


Recipients of ESRC IAA funding must ensure that the University of Warwick and ESRC (quoting grant reference ES/M500434/1) are credited as providing the support for the activity in any outputs.


Applicants must include a start and end date for their project. Requests to extend the period of funding must be formally requested by email (with a clear justification for the need for extension) to the Impact Officer and will be considered by the Committee at the Committee meeting. The Committee reserve the right to refuse extension requests and withdraw funds if they are unsatisfied with the progress of the project. Please note that Warwick’s overall ESRC IAA grant runs until the end of March 2018 so there will be no extensions beyond this date.


Any overspend of the grant must be covered by the grant holder’s department