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IAA Funded Projects

Below is a selection of projects that have been funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account. Further examples of IAA-supported collaboration between Warwick social scientists and non-academic organisations are highlighted in our Collaborating for Impact booklet.
Name Description
An Online Professional Development Resource to Enable Evidence Use in Healthcare Commissioning This project will increase the impact of findings from two major research projects on the use of evidence in healthcare commissioning.
Bullying Experiences of Disabled Children and Young People in England Production of an animated video to raise awareness of research findings related to the increased risk of school bullying among children and young people with Special Educational Needs and other disabilities.
Commission on the Crisis of Care in Austerity Britain Working with the Fawcett Society and the Women’s Budget Group, researchers will engage with think tanks, local government, private enterprise and civil society organisations to evaluate issues related to the future provision and governance of care in Britain.
Developing a new strategy for labour standards in global supply chains with the Ethical Trading Initiative Development of a diagnostic tool with the Ethnical Trading Initiative (ETI) to enable ETI members, including some of the largest UK retailers, to evaluate social dialogue in their factories and supply chains.
Development of an online app for employers to estimate the costs of their training and likely payback Development of an open access online app that employers can use to estimate the costs and payback of apprenticeships and comparable training.
Extending the Impact of Research through Creating Digital Content for CRACKED This funding will support the filming of the development, performance and post-show discussion of a play called CRACKED, developed from research into the help-seeking behaviours of young adults of different ethnicities when experiencing psychosis.
How do Survivors of Rape and Sexual Abuse experience a Brief, Structured Therapeutic Writing Group in a 3rd Sector Setting? Facilitating a therapeutic writing group for survivors of sexual abuse, in collaboration with Safeline, a local charity providing support to survivors and their families and carers.
Toxic Expertise: Impact, Ideation, and Public Engagement Two impact events will engage a wide range of UK and European stakeholders from policy, industry and civil society in the early results and research process of the Toxic Expertise project.
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Informing the development of a novel legal reform strategy concerning the reform of secured transaction laws at the international and national level.
What is important to carers of people with dementia? What would be helpful to them? With the increasing number of people with dementia, it is important to look at how to support those caring for relatives or friends with dementia at home.