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Warwick Law School and East African Law Schools

The deep and strong connections between Warwick Law School and the East African legal education were affirmed at the recent celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Dar es Salaam.

The contributions of Professor Paliwala and four former Warwick Law School Professors to the Dar es Salaam Law Faculty were acknowledged by the Presidents of Tanzania and Uganda and the Vice Chancellor. Professors Twining and McAuslan were two of the three original Faculty members, Professors Ghai and Picciotto joined a short time after and Professor Paliwala who joined the Law Faculty in 1970. It is important to acknowledge the contribution of Dar es Salaam to Warwick as all these Professors subsequently came to the University of Warwick and had a strong influence in developing the distinctive Warwick Law in Context approach and in the establishment of the Law in Development (now the International Development Law and Human Rights Programme).

The Dar es Salaam Law Faculty served as the Law Faculty for the whole of East Africa and it was apparent at the celebrations that many government ministers, members of the judiciary and leaders of the legal professions throughout Eastern Africa had been educated there.

This has been the basis for enduring academic links between not just Dar es Salaam and Warwick but law schools throughout East Africa through academic exchanges, LLM and PhD studies.