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Professor Ann Stewart

Ann has been awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for a study assessing the contribution of community-based ‘woman to woman’ marriage practices in Kenya to the provision of care, particularly for the elderly, when there is little social welfare available. The study will ask whether woman to woman marriages, historically understood as a means of tackling infertility, are evolving into a way of recognising and ‘rewarding’ caring labour for those with assets, and how claims for recognition are now understood in the ‘formal’ courts and within community dispute resolution practices.

Professor Dalvinder Singh

Dalvinder has been awarded a prestigious Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowship, European University Institute, Florence, from May-July 2016. During his fellowship he will be participating in workshops on his current area of research associated with the European Banking Union and cross border banking supervision and resolution, and the challenges faced by countries in the European and Central Asia region. This work forms part of a World Bank project he is working on in collaboration with Katia D’Hustler and Pamela Lintner.

Ania Zbyszewska

Ania has successfully secured funding from the SLSA for a seminar on "Labour Law for a Warming World?: Exploring the intersections between work regulation, ecology, and sustainability".

Law School / WBS Training Program

Colleagues in the Law School will be delivering modules to Bank of England staff as part of a new Bank of England - WBS postgraduate qualification in Central Banking and Financial Regulation.
Dean of Warwick Business School Professor Mark Taylor said: “The development of the Central Banking Qualification for the Bank of England has been the result of a strong collaborative effort between the Business and Law School at The University of Warwick. I look forward to seeing both Schools’ hard work come to fruition when delivery of the CBQ begins later this year.”


Dr Dallal Stevens

Dallal was awarded a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE) and was nominated for the national award of Law Teacher of the Year. She was also part of a team that was awarded over £150,000 for an ESRC Urgent Research project entitled 'Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by boat: Mapping and documenting migratory journeys and experiences.’

Dr Ana Aliverti

Ana was awarded the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award in February 2015.

Dr Philip Kaisary

Philip was awarded a Fulbright fellowship for 2015-16 to work on a project on Law Slavery and Citizenship in the Atlantic World, 1791-1865. Philip also received a commendation award for his teaching under the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence.

Professor Alan Norrie

Alan was awarded a Major Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust to work on ‘Criminal Justice and the Blaming Relation’

Professor Shaheen Sardar Ali

Shaheen was elected as Associate member of the International Academy of Comparative Law.

Professor Rebecca Probert

Rebecca was appointed as a specialist advisor to the Law Commission on their scoping paper Getting Married, which was published in December 2015.

Dr Illan Wall

Illan was awarded funding by the Independent Social Research Foundation to undertake a project on ‘The Law of Disorder’

Dr Ania Zbyszewska

Ana was awarded £10,000 from the Lund Fellowship scheme to become a visiting research fellow at Lund University in 2015

Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi

Rebecca, Lacuna’s writer in residence, was short-listed for the prestigious George Orwell Prize for Journalism alongside journalists from leading national newspapers.

Nkechikwu Azinge

Nkechikwu, a postgraduate student in the School, was recognised as a Queen’s Young Leader in the inaugural awards in Buckingham Palace.


Professor Ralf Rogowski

Ralf Rogowski has been elected as one of seven members to the Board of the Research Committee of Sociology of Law (RCSL) of the International Sociological Association (ISA) for the period 2014-2018.

Camilla Barker

Camilla has been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts. Camilla joins a Fellowship of “achievers and influencers” from around the world who are committed to positive social change and the advancement of human knowledge.

Professor Victor Tadros

Victor was awarded a Major Research Fellowship from The Leverhulme Trust for his project entitled "To Do, To Die, to Reason Why; The Ethical Lives of Combatants".

Professor Jackie Hodgson

Jackie has been elected Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences. The Academy of Social Sciences is the National Academy of Academics, Learned Societies and Practitioners in the Social Sciences. Its mission is to promote social sciences in the United Kingdom for the public benefit. Being an Academician means that a peer group has reviewed the standing and impact of one’s work and found it worthy of the conferment of the award of Academician.

Dr Jane Bryan

Jane received a commendation award for her teaching under the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence.

Natalie Byrom

PhD student Natalie received a commendation for her teaching unde the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduate Research Students.

Natalie also received the University of Warwick's 2014 Research Impact and Public Engagement Award for Early Career Research Impact for her work at the Centre for Human Rights in Practice.

Ana Aliverti

Ana Aliverti has been co-awarded the British Society of Criminology's Criminology Book Prize 2014 for her book "Crimes of Mobility: Criminal Law and the Regulation of Immigration" (Routledge).

Professor Rebecca Probert

Rebecca Probert’s article ‘“A Banbury Story”: cohabitation and marriage among the Victorian poor in ‘notorious Neithrop’, published in Cake and Cockhorse, won the British Association for Local History’s Publication Award for 2014.


Andrew Williams

Andrew won the prestigous George Orwell Prize for politcal writing for 'A Very British Killing'. Organisers called it a "chilling, gripping book" which "unearths damning evidence of what happened" to Mousa, the receptionist who on 15 September 2003 was arrested in Basra and taken to a military base, where guards and army visitors kicked, punched and humiliated him before he was beaten to death.

The Orwell book prize is intended to discover the work which comes closest to George Orwell's ambition "to make political writing into an art".

Jackie Hodgson (Warwick) and Asher Flynn (Monash)

Jackie Hodgson (Warwick) and Asher Flynn (Monash) have been awarded A$13,398 + £7,165 from the Monash-Warwick Alliance Seed Fund for the project: Access to Justice: A Comparative Analysis of cuts to the civil and criminal Legal Aid systems in England, Wales and Victoria, August 2013 – June 2014.

Kimberley Brownlee

Kimberley won the Early-Career Fellowship from the Independent Social Research Foundation (worth £48,000) provides funds for 12 months to enable a researcher to do interdisciplinary work that takes new approaches and suggests new solutions to real world social problems. Kim's project will focus on the ethics of sociability, the evils of social deprivation, and the merits of social human rights. In particular, it will look at the human rights implications of socially privative environments such as long-term solitary confinement in prison.

Professor Jackie Hodgson

Jackie won the Impact Award for Social Sciences.

The award was made in recognition of the following:

Jackie’s criminal justice research has resulted in improvements to professional standards encouraging proactive defence lawyering and quality assessment requirements for the legal profession in England and Wales. She has influenced recent developments in EU criminal justice and through the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) has improved legal representation of those seeking to have their cases reviewed for appeal.

Specific non-academic engagement activities have included:

· Providing expert opinion to a Canadian court in a terrorism extradition case

· Feeding directly into EU policy through an impact study for the proposed EU legal aid directive on how to embed adversarial and competent legal assistance within the administration of legal aid

· A policy briefing with 30 lawyers and EU officials in Brussels (with the legal charity JUSTICE) to raise awareness of the importance of legal aid funding to mechanisms to ensure quality of legal advice to suspects in police custody in the EU

· The publication of ‘Inside Police Custody’ addressing procedural safeguards being legislated by the EU to be presented at a conference in Maastrict in May 2013 which will inform directly current EU measures on procedural safeguards

· Providing direct advice to inform the impact assessment for a measure on the right to be presumed innocent in order to develop policy options for a European measure and assess its impact financially and in terms of the enhancement of individual rights


Kimberley Brownlee

Kimberley was awarded a £70,000 Philip Leverhulme Prize. These prizes are designed to recognise and facilitate the work of outstanding young research scholars, who are making original and significant contributions to knowledge in their field with an international impact, and whose greatest achievements are expected to be still to come.

Kimberley Brownlee's research during her fellowship will focus on social human rights, and in particular the idea of a human right against social deprivation. The term ‘social deprivation’ refers to a persisting lack of minimally adequate opportunities for decent human contact and social inclusion. Social deprivation is a common experience in arenas of institutional segregation such as long-term medical quarantine and solitary confinement. It is also the most extreme variant of a more general, pervasive phenomenon of social isolation that includes people, many of whom are elderly or disabled, who are chronically, acutely lonely and unable to remedy their situation. This kind of deprivation is an important concern, particularly in western societies, given the individualistic bent of western culture, aging populations, and the ongoing use of isolating procedures in medicine, immigration, and criminal justice.

Professor Jackie Hodgson

Together with colleagues in four other EU states, Professor Jackie Hodgson has been awarded a European Commission Action grant of €375,000 for the project: Protecting Young Suspects in Interrogations: A Study on Safeguards and Best Practice. The objective of this two year project is to strengthen the protection of young suspects during interrogation by the police in the EU. The project consists of a comparative empirical study of the different legal procedural safeguards in place in Belgium, England and Wales, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. Based on these findings, this will be followed by professional training and recommendations for minimum EU rules and best practice.

The study follows on from Professor Hodgson’s current EU funded project, an empirical study of the procedural rights of suspects in police detention in the EU, leading to best practice recommendations.

Adam Slavny (Law PhD student)

Adam has been awarded £500 to be spent on his research or teaching. Information on the WATEPGR scheme can be found at Adam’s teaching excellence profile can be found at 


George Meszaros

George was awarded an £11,000 grant by the Brazil Partnership Development Fund 2011-12. This is for a two year project, entitled Land Futures: the law, political economy and socio-legal impacts of contemporary transformation in Brazilian land tenure and use patterns. Initially this will support the development of a network with a series of partner institutions including the Federal and Catholic Universities of Parana and the University of Brasilia, later (2012) expanding to other Brazilian agencies including (the Institute for colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA)) the (Institute of Applied Economic Research, IPEA) and the Getulio Vargas foundation’s Centre of Agricultural Studies. The aim of the project is to establish a high quality multi-disciplinary network with Brazilian researchers and practitioners looking at land futures issues, but also to develop a multi-disciplinary research and publication cluster here at Warwick University.

James Harrison

James Harrison was awarded the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE). As a result, he has been awarded the Butterworth Award for Teaching Excellence prize of £5,000. The panel considering nominations for this year’s awards, felt that the evidence presented showed James's teaching and support of learning to be of an exceptional standard.

Professor Alan Norrie

Alan Norrie's latest book Dialectic and Difference: Dialectical Critical Realism and the Grounds of Justice (Routledge, 2010) has been jointly awarded the Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize. The prize is awarded for the year's best and/or most innovative new writing in or about the tradition of critical realism. The Committee states that Dialectic and Difference expounds and develops dialectical critical realism and brilliantly demonstrates how it trumps the irrealism of the Western philosophical tradition in general and post-structuralism in particular.

Professor Jackie Hodgson

Jackie Hodgson was awarded €330,000 by the EU Commission to carry out an empirical project examining the procedural rights of suspects in police custody in the UK, France and the Netherlands. The study will be conducted over two years together with partners at the University of Maastricht, University of West of England, Justice, the Open Society Justice Initiative and Avon & Somerset Police.

Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Warwick Global Legal Scholar)

Professor de Sousa Santos has been awarded the US Law and Society Association Kalven Prize for 2011 and was recently awarded the Mexico Prize for Science and Technology. He is currently visiting Warwick as the Law School’s Global Legal Scholar and will be teaching in the International Development Law and Human Rights Programme in the Core Course and the module on Governance Democracy and Accountability.

He is Professor of Sociology at the School of Economics, University of Coimbra (Portugal), Distinguished Legal Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School and has been our Global Legal Scholar for the last three years.

He is Director of the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra and of the Center of Documentation on the Revolution of 1974, at the same University. He is also the Scientific Coordinator of the Permanent Observatory for Portuguese Justice and member of the Research Group Democracy, Citizenship and Law (DECIDe) of the Centre.
He has published widely on globalization, sociology of law and the state, epistemology, democracy, and human rights in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French and German.

David Salter

Awarded an Atax research fellowship by the Australian School of Taxation (2011)


Professor Gary Watt

National Teaching Fellowship (2010)

Ann Stewart

Ford Professorial Fellow at JNU Delhi 2009-2010

Professor Shaheen Ali

Re-elected unanimously, of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (2010-2013)

Shahen has received a one term Research Fellowship from the Lichtenberg-Kollag, Gottingen University Germany. The fellowship is by invitation from the Advisory Board and covers travel and subsistence costs for the duration of the Fellowship, facilitation of research and teaching replacement costs.

Joint Editor, Journal of Islamic State Practices in International law


Professor Shaheen Ali

Elected by the United Nations Human Rights Council as member of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (2008-11)

Elected Vice-chair, of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (2009-10)

Professor Colin Manchester

Companion of the Institute of Licensing in 2009

In recognition of his contribution in advancing the general field of licensing law and practice. (The Institute is the recognised body for licensing professionals in the UK and Companion is its highest award.)

    Professor Gary Watt

    UK "Law Teacher of the Year" (2009)

    Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (2009)

    Professor Paul Raffield

    Paul’s book, Shakespeare's Imaginary Constitution: Late-Elizabethan Politics and the Theatre of Law, was nominated for the Inner Temple Book Prize. This prize is awarded every three years for a book which has made a profound contribution to the understanding or practice of law in the United Kingdom.

    National Teaching Fellowship (2009)
    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2009).


    Professor Paul Raffield

    Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (2008)

    Dallal Stevens

    Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence - Commendation (2006)