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More Students and Alumni

Oluwatoyosi Akerele
LLM International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation 2016-17
Analyst at Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC)

After being called to the Nigerian Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor, I commenced and successfully completed my LLM at Warwick, after which I secured an internship with the General Counsel Organisation at American Express. I then gained work experience with Barclays Bank London. I was selected to represent the Republic of Ireland in the Council for Digital and Communication Affairs at the 2017 Young European Leadership Conference, where I deliberated on policy proposals to improve EU digital security. I am presently an Analyst with the Guernsey Financial Service Commission, with a focus on Offshore Investment, Fiduciary and Pension Firms. The LLM at the University of Warwick was the perfect boost in my career and I would highly recommend it.

Anna Celuch
LLM International Economic Law 2016-17
Civil Service Fast Stream

I am currently an International Citizen Service Volunteer with Balloon Ventures in Uganda, but will shortly be starting the Fast Stream programme with the UK Civil Service. Together with other Balloon Ventures volunteers, I am assisting microenterprises operating in Mbale in their efforts to grow sustainable businesses. For instance, we focus on boosting their marketing strategies, introducing product innovations, and streamlining financial records. We also help prepare investment plans for those entrepreneurs who are willing to pitch for small, interest-free loans from Balloon.

The critical prism of the IEL programme was instrumental in discovering and exploring my passion for the field of international development finance and its legal implications. It has taught me to recognise the pillars of the imbalanced architecture of international economic relations, and inspired me to seek tools to improve the stance of developing countries and their societies, not just on the international legal plane but also at the micro level.

My position with the Civil Service will entail working on the UK government's financial and economic policy as a Finance Fast Streamer. The Fast Stream programme is rotational, and I will spend my first year at one of the Departments, doing the first of four one-year placements. During the programme, the Civil Service will also support me in obtaining financial qualifications.


Oyinkansola Ola

LLM International Development Law & Human Rights 2016-17

Rajnaara Akhtar
PhD Awarded 2013
Senior Lecturer, De Montford University

The School of Law at the University of Warwick applies law in context and this is apparent from the range of modules students can study and the approach to teaching and research. My research interest was the very current issue of legal pluralism, British Muslims and informal dispute resolution. Warwick was the ideal place for this as it required a contextual analysis and approach to the pertinent issues, as well as support from academics who understood the law in context as well as its theoretical paradigms.

Warwick has a real international presence and during my PhD, I was able to participate in a number of international conferences including one at Warwick's Venice teaching campus in Italy. The conference organised by the University of Warwick in conjunction with the University of Copenhagen, drew over 80 legal scholars from around the world. It was a superb venue for the event, and a great opportunity to learn from leading scholars, while taking in the sites of the beautiful city on a boat tour!

Since completing my PhD, I tutored at Warwick Law School and worked as the Coordinator for Global Research Priorities in International Development. This allowed me to remain within the academic environment, participate in conferences and also write papers while I applied for lecturing positions, leading to my current position at De Montford University.

Bassel Mansour
LLM International Economic Law 2016-17
Senior Associate at PwC

Coming in to the LLM from a non-law background, I was initially nervous about starting my postgraduate law degree! With that said, I was really impressed by the faculty’s integrative approach when giving students feedback and advice – and really, an overall experience - tailored to each student’s aspirations and career path.

I started work as a Senior Associate with PwC UK, providing deal advisory services on M&A transactions. While the role is part linked to my background in Finance and Accounting, the LLM equipped me with an added value of understanding the crossroads between Law and Business, particularly as we work closely with clients and their legal advisors to negotiate deals. Moreover, and particularly from an IEL perspective, the course exposed me to new areas of interest around investments under a development framework. The dissertation was a great opportunity to apply what I learned during the course into an area of specific interest.

Overall, the program has been really rewarding; I have met some great professors, made lifetime friends, and challenged myself to learn new things, all of which are invaluable experiences that I have taken forward!

Estefania Anzures
LLM International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation 2016-17
Contracts Manager for the EMEA Region of LLamasoft Inc.

I am a Contracts Manager within the in-house legal team at LLamasoft, Inc., based in Milton Keynes. Leading the EMEA Legal Department for an American software company, my position involves drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements, including complex, high-value Software License Agreements, Services Agreements and NDAs. My role also includes providing general commercial legal support to the Sales team and the organisation, as well as offering counsel on legal issues such as intellectual property rights and data privacy compliance.

The LLM helped me significantly in getting this job. My LLM degree helped me gain expert knowledge in the areas that are fundamental for the role I now perform such as contracts law, choice of governing law, implications for international contracts, jurisdictional problems, and corporate governance. My degree also helped me acquire significant knowledge in English and EU law, essential for both my current role and my career.


Fulvia Iancu

LLM Advanced Legal Studies 2016-17

Konstantina Bouzika
LLM International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation 2016-17
Trainee, European Central Bank

My current position as a Trainee in the Enforcement and Sanctions Division at the European Central Bank includes the assessment of reports of regulatory breaches, the investigation of alleged breaches and the preparation of draft decisions of the Supervisory Board for the adoption of enforcement measures and the imposition of administrative penalties. Another part of my duties includes the conduct of legal research.

Being a Greek qualified Attorney-at-law with six-years’ experience in the field of corporate and commercial law specializing in banking law and financial instruments like the securitization of assets, motivated me to apply to the cutting edge ICGFR LLM programme shifting my career towards the financial services sector. In particular, the LLM programme at Warwick offered me a deep understanding of crucial corporate governance issues, completed the picture of financial instruments functionality and their usage as a risk mitigating technique. Furthermore, stemming from a civil law jurisdiction, the LLM programme helped me diversify my skillset towards banking law interpretation in the UK and Europe.

Overall, my experience as a postgraduate student at Warwick has been the cornerstone for a truly geographically mobile career. 

Seyi Afolabi
LLM International Development Law & Human Rights 2013-14
Founder, Designer, Writer and Advocate

I am the founder and principal designer of LALI London which is a bespoke womenswear brand seeking to bring elegant, well fitted and vibrant clothes to women of all shapes and sizes. The long term vision of the brand is to empower women socially and economically worldwide. Last year I released my first mini collection and it had a great response. The business is now growing and I work with a small team of amazing people. I'm excited about what the future holds. I am also the founder of Aya's Garden (started in 2015), which is an online platform dedicated to the expression of women's stories, experiences and voices. I am a passionate advocate of women's human rights and recently held positions with two women's human rights organisations where my work focused on female genital mutilation (FGM), sexual trafficking, rape and prostitution.

My masters was the pivotal moment when my deep concern for human suffering merged with viable career pathways within law and development. My LLM prepared me theoretically for the sector and gave me the crucial space to explore and write about issues that were dear to me. I was given the academic freedom to really explore issues of development and human rights. I chose the LLM at Warwick because it had so many modules which focused specifically on gender as a part of the international legal framework. I loved the fact that I had the academic space, expertise, guidance and teaching to grow as a writer on issues that would go on to form the crux of much of my work today. After graduation, I secured an internship with Equality Now which led to my position with the Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development.

Warwick is continuously deemed an excellent academic institution, which it is. However, my journey and time at Warwick was not simply an academic one. Whilst I was able to grow and flourish as a law student I also got involved with the array of cultural and artistic societies and events that the university has on offer. These experiences gave me essential skills, memories for life and helped to shape me as a well-rounded young person who was ready for the world of work. I cannot but make mention of the incredible care and support that I received from Warwick staff. For me, there is no replacement or substitute for Warwick as the university became part of my life story and not simply a pit stop along my career path. I made some very good friends at Warwick; we often talk and reminisce on our times at Warwick and it's these memories that are the foundations of our friendships. When you've been able to grow with people through life's ups and downs it's a very beautiful and precious thing.


Anita Purewal

LLM Advanced Legal Studies 2015-16

Vassilios Copetinas
LLM International Economic Law 2014-15
DPhil Student, Competition Law, University of Oxford

Warwick is a reputed institution with the rare combination of amazing industry connection – courtesy of one of the best careers services in the country – and of a deep academic tradition residing in the “law in context” approach the Law School adopts. This results in an impressive tendency to question absolutely everything and to have entrenched beliefs being challenged by the lecturers. The IEL program is also unique and has a strong reputation both in academia and among practitioners.

The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and professors are approachable and motivated to teach. The campus and all of its infrastructures is amazing and the sports’ facilities are incredible. Warwick has a really particular vibe that one needs to live. The people you will meet – staff, lecturers, and fellow students- will change you forever and will teach you so many things from your classes, to the politics of a small Asian country and the drinking culture of Serbia. The diversity of the activities is impressive, although you will probably end up going to one society and spending the rest of your free time between Curiositea and the Dirty Duck (the coffee shop and the pub); and that’s simply all you could wish for! Last but not least Warwick is a young university striving for the best, you might sign up for the 7th ranked university in the country and five years later have a degree from the 3rd one.

I recently enrolled at the University of Oxford for a DPhil (PhD) in competition law. I am carrying out my research on competition law in the era of big data. Interestingly, I discovered that subject while at Warwick.

Nora Hader
LLM International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation 2015-16
Analyst in Corporate Governance Issues

The interdisciplinary and international approach to corporate governance and financial regulations is the reason I chose to enrol on the ICGFR programme at Warwick Law School. The LLM was complimentary to my undergraduate degrees in international politics and law, and allowed me to pursue my career in corporate social responsibility and responsible investments.

During my LLM I met lecturers and supervisors who gave me continuous feedback and assisted me when I needed help to get a better understanding of the modules taught. Considering I had not studied this area of law before, the support I got was invaluable.

After leaving Warwick, I worked as a researcher doing negative screening of companies, before I got a job as an analyst in Corporate Governance Issues at the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment in London.


Emmanuel Bechem

LLM International Economic Law 2016-17

Jalal Hussain
LLM International Development Law & Human Rights 2014-15
Development Project Specialist

While looking at various universities to apply to for my postgraduate studies, I thought Warwick had everything I wanted from a postgraduate experience; a unique and intellectually stimulating course, a beautiful campus, a renowned faculty and a fantastic reputation. Once I got to Warwick, I discovered what I had read and heard about was merely the tip of the iceberg; the Warwick experience far exceeded my expectations and choosing Warwick Law School for my postgraduate studies turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. Like with all good things, it ended far too quickly, but the one-year has provided me with a lifetime of amazing memories, friends and experiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the modules; they were all very carefully crafted and kept me engaged. This particular LLM course allows you to broaden your horizons like no other. You will be hard pressed to find an LLM with a module that amalgamates creative writing with human rights law and is conducted by famous authors and a renowned human rights practitioner. I feel the IDLHR course has enabled me to develop a holistic worldview and enhanced my understandings of issues related to development, human rights and law.

This LLM allows you the freedom to always present an alternative viewpoint, you will be encouraged to think out of the box and question mainstream perspectives. Every class was an experience in itself; the modules on this programme are conducted by people passionate about their area of study and who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.

The campus provides the perfect backdrop to the intellectually enriching experience inside the classroom. There are hundreds of societies and sports clubs catering to a very diverse range of interests, I joined quite a few including the Photography Society, Bollywood Dance Society and the Cricket Club. I played cricket at some fantastic venues around England and made a lot of friends in the process. During term time, the campus is buzzing with activity, there is always something going on. However, when I felt like getting away from everything, far from the madding crowd, there were plenty of picturesque spots around campus that were completely secluded.

During the year I got very comfortable around Warwick, to the point where I started missing life on campus when I occasionally left for weekends. The Warwick campus can get quite addictive very quickly, and I still find myself missing Warwick, months after I have graduated.

After completing my dissertation I interned with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Albania. Two months later I joined a think tank based in Tirana, Albania as a Legal Expert, Development Project Specialist. I’m now working on a range of exciting projects including corruption proofing of legislation, conducting research on different topics related to the rule of law, access to the justice system and democracy. I’m hoping to go back to Pakistan soon, and apply what I’ve learnt working in Tirana and studying at Warwick.

Alicia Jones
LLM International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation 2015-16
Law Tutor / Aspiring Barrister

I currently tutor Law Undergraduate and Masters students on a private basis in London, Covent Garden. My LLM refined and developed my research and writing skills. This ensures that I can communicate difficult concepts in an understandable manner which promotes dialogue and critical thinking. The high quality teaching which I received during my LLM has influenced my own teaching style to enable my high success rate of ensuring students obtain their desired grades.

In addition, I am pursuing a career at the Commercial Bar of England and Wales. I have been fortunate to be awarded a number of scholarships to fund my BPTC (which I completed in July 2017) and develop my advocacy skills. My most recent scholarship involved a four-week trip to Hong Kong, where I marshalled a Commercial High Court Judge and sat as a Mini-Pupil at a leading Commercial Chambers. I am confident that my LLM has contributed significantly to my recent successes.

Iulia Maria Nicolescu
LLM International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation 2015-16
Analyst, Limehouse Consulting & Strategy Ltd.

As an analyst at Limehouse Consulting, I am part of a team of consultants focused on the financial services sector. Our clients range from large UK-based retail banks to global asset managers. My role involves project-management-based consulting engagements as well as marketing and delivering financial technology products for our clients. These include innovative data analytics and robotic process automation tools. For example, I recently helped implement our in-house business intelligence tool into a major Scottish bank, with a view to measuring the end-to-end performance of some of the bank’s key business areas.

The LLM I completed at Warwick has certainly helped me secure my current role. Warwick Law School’s prestige and the calibre of its lecturers are second to none. During my time there I encountered brilliant international colleagues and passionate subject-matter experts whose materials I still refer to in my daily role (in particular, in my case, the banking and financial regulation sections). If you are looking for a rigorous and contextually rich programme, I whole-heartedly recommend the LLM at Warwick. The bonds you will form and the modules you will choose to study will give you the strong foundation you will need for your future career.


Chiedza Manvura

LLM International Development Law & Human Rights 2016-17

Saquib Rahman
LLM International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation 2014-15
Researcher, "Desh, We're Concerned" Non-Profit Organisation

While practicing law at a corporate chamber after LLB (Hons), I found myself to have been particularly interested with matters that dealt with employment issues within corporations. An area where two views (pro-employees and pro-employers) can result in completely different scenarios, when corporate governance is taken into consideration. Warwick awarded University of the Year by The Sunday Times basically caught my attention. I then looked up and found that the LLM program was apt for me.

The fact that the campus can literally blend to any mood you are in! From simply purchasing groceries, to watching a movie, quietly listening to opera, partying hard, chatting with friends over a cup of tea, studying in groups, picking the sport of your choice and so much more. The rich library, the Arts centre, Sports Centre, Postgraduate Hub, the Student Union and the bars and cafes all around the campus, are too much to fully enjoying over just a period of one year.

The outstanding dissertation supervision that I received at Warwick, has brought out in me the desire to pursue academia. I am currently engaged in research regarding whether employee participation in corporations would avoid tragedies such as the Rana Plaza incident in Bangladesh that took the lives of over 1100 workers. I am conducting the research as part of “Desh, We’re Concerned”, a non-profit research-based civil society organization, focusing on national policy reforms and matters of public interest.