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4-Year LLB with Year Abroad in English

This four year law programme offers students the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad at one of our partner Universities. The course is taught in English and therefore there is no language requirement. It is an excellent opportunity for students to live and study under another jurisdiction and widen their breadth of knowledge and cultural understanding. Students follow the same diet of modules as those on the 3-Year LLB, with the year abroad taking place in their third year.

Currently the Law School has ERASMUS links with the following universities that offer certain modules in English:

We also have links outside Europe (and therefore outside the ERASMUS scheme)

For further information, please contact Susanna Pinkney

Students are required to study:-

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

It is a requirement under the ERASMUS scheme that you obtain at least 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) for a full academic year. The marks will be converted on your return to Warwick.

Year Four