Advice for Undergraduate Students

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, we have set up a student hub to provide support and guidance for Law students. We hope that this page will answer your questions, but please do direct any further questions to our Student Services Team and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Last updated: Wednesday 23 September 2020

Module Registrations

We now have a provisional list of modules we will attempt to load you onto in October for the 20/21 academic year. Where a module is oversubscribed and we cannot fit every student on, but have a waiting list in place, we have given priority to our final year students, and then by the order of priority you selected when you chose your modules to begin with. Find out more.

1st Year QLD Assessments

In light of the SRA's guidance, Warwick Law School proposes the following alternative arrangements for assessment of FLK subjects.

Transcript Requests

The University no longer issues transcripts to undergraduate students. You are instead provided with a Higher Education Achievement Report. Please take the opportunity to read the guidance provided by the University on how to access this. You will be notified by the University when these have been updated for this academic year. You are respectfully asked NOT to chase the University for these. Kindly note that the Law School is also unable to provide transcripts.

Physical Return to Campus in October 2020

Can we delay our physical return to Warwick and remain at home, studying remotely if we do not wish to travel? If so, how long can we delay our return? The University has responded to logistical difficulties of our students’ arrival onto campus for the start of our academic year 2020/21 by providing a more flexible approach to Term 1. Please refer to the revised dates of arrival onto campus and important enrolment information, (please check these central pages for any updates) and read the Law School letter for further information regarding the process and application for permission to delay return.

Please note that the current policy of ‘Rule of Six’ does not apply to teaching in educational establishments, such as the University.

Will any delayed travel affect my Tier 4 Visa? For further information on Tier 4 Visas, please refer to the University's Immigration and Compliance FAQs.

Teaching & Learning in Term One (October 2020)

Will there be a fully online learning option available for those unable to return to campus? Students domiciled outside of the United Kingdom, and who are unable to return to the UK for all or part of Term 1, will be able to study remotely during Term 1. Please refer also to the University guidance.

How will students interact with other people on their module and seminar tutors if seminars are moved online? Online seminars will be a different experience but WLS tutors are working hard to ensure that all seminars offer opportunities for interaction and engagement.

Will there be a forum with a chance to discuss topics between students? All modules have the facility to use discussion forums and module convenors are invited to make use of these to provide Q&As to help students with asynchronous and synchronous learning.

Will there be the option of live seminars or lectures (not pre-recorded) so those learning remotely can interact? Online seminars will be live via Microsoft Teams; there will be many other opportunities to engage with Law School staff through Teams. There will also be an opportunity to develop further skills though the Warwick Online Learning Certificate (WOLC).

1st Year Certificate

Following the decision to cancel examinations for 1st year students, the University has developed the ‘Warwick Online Learning Certificate (WOLC)’ The aim of the certificate is to deliver learning & development to all first year students in place of the curriculum that would have taken place this term.

Engagement with the certificate is optional, but students who are interested are welcome to get further details via the link above.

Reasonable Adjustments

If you have University recommended reasonable adjustments the approved time should be added to the two/three hours. A guide to help students who have reasonable adjustments on how to manage on-line exams is available. Please take the time to check you have the recommended facilities available to you ahead of the exams.

Assessment Deadlines

All assignments have been given an automatic two week extension by the University which should now be reflected in Tabula. If you are taking a module from a department that does not use Tabula (for example Warwick Business School) please contact them directly for further information.

If you wish to apply for an extension beyond the 14 days you may do so. Please ensure that you read the information for students on the Tabula application form before doing so.

University Mitigating Circumstances/Reasonable Adjustments Guidance

Qualifying Law Degree

The Law School is working with the SRA to see how the Qualifying Degree will be achieved taking into account any changes to the 1st year examinations.

Internet Connection

We understand that not all students will have access to reliable internet connections and ask that you please let Law Reception know if this is the case. Should you have issues accessing Moodle or submitting via Tabula, please email the Law Technology team including screenshots of the problem as soon as you are able.

We recommend trying to submit your exam or assignment with at least three hours to spare, but if you are having issues at this point please email Law Technology if you are able, or telephone 024 76 5 23157.

Marking Process

For borderline cases, moderation and marking of open book exams - The Law School will be following University guidance; as and when further information is available students will be informed./p>

Safety Net

The University has put together a ‘safety net' package of measures to ensure that undergraduate students are not disadvantaged by unfamiliar and new types of assessment or teaching, as well as other personal circumstances arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any further questions relating to this please email Law Reception.

IT Support Fund

If you are a home fee-paying undergraduate or postgraduate taught student who is struggling to meet the cost of the IT equipment you need to undertake your course, then you may be eligible to apply for a non-repayable IT Support Bursary of £600. Find out more.

Library Resources

We appreciate that library resources are limited. Please be assured that our librarians are working hard behind the scenes to grow the number of on-line resources available.

Academic Support Librarians

Using the Library to learn and teach remotely

Students due to Study Abroad in 20/21

The University advice is that students should not make any flight or accommodation commitments or to take on any additional costs until the situation becomes clearer. Please check the University's website for ongoing guidance.

Studying and working abroad in 2020-21

If you are informed by the Host University that your proposed year abroad has been changed please notify the Student Mobility team and the Law School immediately.

I am a TIER 4 Student. What do I need to do about my VISA?

Please read information from the Student Immigration and Compliance team and particular guidance regarding Tier 4 Visas.

Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Support Services are still available to help students during this difficult time. Including offering masterclasses to help you feel better and function well.