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Deferral Policy Information

Message sent on behalf of Professor Andrew Sanders, Head of Warwick Law School - 28 April 2020

Dear Students

The University has today released details of the Assessment Deferral Policy.

We are writing to you to outline how Warwick Law School will implement this policy. For those of you who are unable to take online assessments due to significant difficulties that are both acute and certain (e.g. those who do not have access to technology, those who are very ill, or with significant caring responsibilities) you may now apply to defer your examinations until September 2020.

We understand that this is a very difficult time for many of you. Our aim is to decide on deferral requests speedily and fairly, and to provide you with clarity on your individual position. Your request will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the Senior Tutor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of Teaching and Learning. We will protect your confidentiality.

As set out below, you should state your request in writing to Please READ the IMPORTANT INFORMATION below when considering whether a deferral request is appropriate for your situation.

In your written request, you must provide an explanation of your circumstances (examples below), and evidence your request as if you were providing a narrative for the mitigation panel. The deferral panel will make its decision solely on the basis of this written request. The result will be reported to you by our Student Support Manager, Andrea Humber. If a deferral is granted, the University will write directly to you regarding your deferred date of assessment – note that the University will be setting the time-table for this later; the Law School will not have any advance notice.

Please note that due to the likely volume of requests and the short time we will have to make decisions, we may not be able to have individual discussions with you. It is therefore important for you to put your case fully in writing for the panel. We will contact you directly if we require more information to consider your case.

Students who wish to be considered for deferral are asked to PLEASE NOTE the following before completing the application:

  • Students can only apply to defer ALL assessments and not individual ones.
  • For final year students this may mean a deferral in the date of graduation.
  • The September examination period will be expanded to 2 weeks – which is significantly shorter than the May/June exam period.
  • We ask students to make reasonable efforts to obtain evidence but understand that it may not be possible; in that circumstance, your request will still be considered, but we will ask you to explain why evidence is not available. Photo, photocopy or scanned evidence in acceptable. Updated information regarding evidence can be found on-line.
  • If you are an International student you must contact a member of staff in the Immigration Services team to ensure that they understand how the deferral could impact on your VISA requirements.
  • All students MUST contact Student Finance to ensure that they understand the impact of deferral on fees and funding.

Requests must be submitted via email to BEFORE your assessment period starts. Please enter DEFERRAL REQUEST in the subject box.

The decisions of the deferral panel will be final. There will be no appeal against this decision.

It is understood that many students will experience other unexpected circumstances in light of COVID-19. We suggest that in these circumstances you may wish to follow the usual Essay Extension request or Mitigating Circumstances Process. Find out more.

Please do remember that your Personal Tutor, Year Tutor, Senior Tutor & Wellbeing Services are here to offer you further help and support.

I hope all goes well for you in the next few weeks. Please be assured that your best interests are at the heart of our work.

Andrew Sanders