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Module Registrations

We now have a provisional list of modules we will attempt to load you onto in October for the 20/21 academic year. Please visit our module change requests page to see the modules you have chosen, including any for which we have not been able to find you a space but you are on the waiting list.

Where a module is oversubscribed and we cannot fit every student on, but have a waiting list in place, we have given priority to our final year students, and then by the order of priority you selected when you chose your modules to begin with.

There are still many unknowns about the format of teaching next year - please refer to the email sent by Dallal Stevens on 10 July 2020 outlining teaching plans for the next academic year. We are not able at this time to tell you specifically which parts of which modules will be run online, which will be delivered in-person, and which will be a combination of these. At present we are preparing for at least some online provision for all modules, in case the government call for a second lockdown, social distancing means that rooms are unavailable, or in case any students or staff are required to isolate.

If you would like any more information about the module content, please contact the appropriate convenor by going to the module webpage.

  1. Waiting Lists
    If a space becomes free on the module where you are on the waiting list and you are at the top of that waiting list, we will automatically replace your lowest ranked Law module with that module instead. If you would like to be removed from a waiting list, please let us know.
  2. Changing Priority Order
    If you are on a waiting list and you would like to replace a different module (ie. Not your lowest ranked Law module for that term), please let us know and we will re-order your priorities for you.
  3. Replacing a Module
    If you would like to replace a module where we have you listed and replace it for one of the modules in the list at the bottom where we have remaining spaces, please let us know which module (code and title) you would like to remove, and which module (code and title) you would like to replace it with. This should be a module in the same term (unless you are a PPL student). If you choose a module which does not have spaces on it, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list for that module. Priority will be given to final year students, so not every request may be able to be honoured.
  4. External Modules
    If you have selected an external module (including Sociology modules for Law and Sociology students), please ensure that you have contacted the external department and they are aware of your request. If they are not aware or have not approved your request, when we try to load you onto the modules in October you will be refused at that point and will have to find an alternative module at short notice from limited options. For WBS modules, please make sure you have applied through myWBS and let us know when WBS confirm that you have a place on that module.
  5. Language Modules
    If you have selected a language module, the language school may require you to be assessed for level before you start and your module level and code might change. Please contact the language school for more details about this assessment, and contact us if the module code changes.
  6. Students on Year Abroad/French/German Courses
    We are committed to enabling you to study abroad. However, in case of last minute changes or cancellations, we will retain you a place on the Law modules we have listed until the beginning of term. If you are one of these students, please consider this list of modules as an ‘in the event of emergency, we will load you on these modules’, and not that we no longer intend to try to get you abroad. We’d rather save you a space now than try to rush around in October if there are any problems.
  7. Students requiring external modules (Law with Social Sciences/Humanities; Law and Sociology)
    If you have not selected valid (ie. Not first year) modules or have not selected enough external modules for next year, we have put a placeholder in your module selection. If you have a module marked as ‘Unspecified (department) module’, we do not have a valid module selected for you for you to qualify on your degree. You MUST contact an appropriate department for your course and request from them a place on module(s) to the CATS value required, then let us know when they have confirmed you can apply for a place on it (we need to know module code and term). If by October we still do not have a valid module for you, we will work with external departments to find you space on whatever is left, which may not be a module you have chosen.
What happens next?
  • You should email law technology with a list of any changes you wish to make. Please be as clear as possible what you would like to do, and include both module codes, module names, and terms. We cannot guarantee that emails sent to other addresses will be forwarded and considered in time, so please only use this email address.
  • We will take requests for changes until 14 August, after which we will endeavour to honour as many requests as we are able. Please note that we may not be able to honour every request, and will give priority to final year students. This is an administrative process, and we only take account of whether there is space, and whether you are a finalist or non-finalist. While we understand that everyone has very compelling reasons to want to take their specific modules, we have over 55000 module requests to handle and in order to be entirely fair these will be divided into finalists and non-finalists, then randomised.
  • If you currently have a place listed, you will not be removed from that place unless you are at the top of a waiting list and a space becomes free (at which point we will swap your waiting list module for your lowest ranked law module in that term), your request to replace it with a different module is accepted, or we specifically contact you to ask.
  • When we have this final list, we will release it to you in September. No further changes will be accepted at this point.
  • In October, we will automatically load you onto the central system (EMR) from our records. Please ignore any university-wide communications which tell you to register for your modules, we will do this for you (this will also be in the smallprint on those emails). For external modules where there is a choice of assessment type, we will load you on the one with the highest ratio of coursework to exams, unless you specify otherwise.
  • We will then work individually with students where there are unavoidable clashes in the timetable, where a module can no longer run, or where external departments turn down their request, to find an alternative module.
  • In weeks 1-2 of term, you will be able to choose your seminar groups using Tabula as normal. More information on this will come out closer to the time.