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LLM in Law in Development : The University of Warwick LLM in Ethiopia

In January 2009 the University of Warwick accepted 20 Ethiopian students to study for a LLM in Law in Development. This LLM was created, administered and delivered by the University of Warwick Law School at Mekelle University, who are act as a host for the programme.

The University of Warwick Law School worked with the Ethiopian stakeholders to develop a LLM programme and model for its delivery that is unique to the needs and resources of the Ethiopian stakeholders.

The LLM programme was delivered over two years from January 2009 to January 2011. 17 students successfully graduated in April 2011 with a LLM in Law and Development from the University of Warwick.


Objectives of the Warwick LLM in Law and Development

This LLM had three prime objectives:

1) Giving a opportunity to 20 Ethiopians that met Warwick Law school admission criteria , to study for a Warwick LLM while remaining in Ethiopia.

2) Imparting to the students enrolled upon the course a thorough understanding of Warwick Law School teaching and learning techniques, by engaging in them as students. With particular emphasis being placed on the Law in Context approach, Critical Legal Thinking discourse and group discussion based learning.

3) Familiarizing Mekelle Administration and other Ethiopian stakeholders with the Warwick University methodology for the creation and delivery of a LLM course.

4) Providing Academic members of Mekelle Staff the opportunity yo shadow Warwick University staff and acted as reading facilitators in order to understand how Warwick LLM modules are created and delivered in terms of teaching techniques.

The Warwick Law in Development LLM Outline

The core courses

Course 1 Law in Development

Course 2 Legal Theory and Development

Course 3 World Trade Organisation and the International Trade Regime

Course 4 International Intellectual Property Law and Practice

Course 5 Gender and Human Rights

Course 6 Globalisation and Governance

The optional Courses

Option 1: Learning in Practice in Legal Education

Option 2: Gender Justice, Human Rights and Poverty

Option 3: Legal Education and Legal Skills

Option 4: Approaches to Global Justice