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Learning & Practice in Legal Education

This module is an optional module in the LLM. It will be taken by those students on the course who have law teaching experience in Ethiopian Universities.

The Aims of the Module:

  •  To enable students to utilize, reinforce and deepen the knowledge and skills developed in their University teaching through engaging in practical teaching activities
  • To facilitate the development of an understanding of the relationship between theory and practice
  • To develop the habits of reflective practice
  • To practice under supervision the range of teaching, academic and organisational skills used in legal education
  • To understand the ways students learn and how best to facilitate that learning

 The Syllabus

  1. Construction of a legal curriculum: the relationship to legal practice; the links with social sciences. Legal Education and Justice.
  2. Curriculum design: aims , outcomes and assessment criteria.
  3. Benchmarks and standards
  4. Analysis of designed sessions
  5. Presentation of designed sessions
  6. How students learn
  7. Dewey and active learning. Experiential learning.
  8. Problem based learning
  9. Freire and conscientization
  10. Vocationalism and competency
  11. The critique of competency
  12. Research based learning
  13. The impact of IT
  14. Presentations of learning materials