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The Warwick Taught Masters in Law Student Profiles

Below you will find 17 Dissertation titles of dissertations written by our graduating students. Click on the title to find out more about the dissertation and the student who wrote it.
Student Name
Thesis Title
Firehiwot Wujira Ms Firehiwot WUJIRA

Assessment of EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements on Africa’s Development

Bayable Getahun Akalu Mr Bayable Getahun AKALU

The repercussions of approaching nation building strategy through ethnic federalism: promises and pitfalls for Ethiopia’s development

Dereje Alemu Dereje ALEMU Investment and Sustainable development in the Oromiya Regional state of Ethiopia: Nature and Enforcement of Regimes Governing Environmental & Social Impact Assessments.
araeya.png Abadi Wlrafael ARAEYA The Quest for Traditional Justice system as an alternative Legal Paradigm in Ethiopia.
assefa.png Misker Getahun ASSEFA Analysing WIPO’S Development Agenda in light of sustainable development and Ethiopian Development Strategy.
ayele.png  Ms Asnakech Getnet AYELE Corporate Governance & Performance of Private Banks in Ethiopia
etefa.png  Mr Dereje Ayana ETEFA Limitation to decide on Constitutionality of Laws by courts and its impact on the development of Ethiopia with Special Reference to Charity and society Proclamation
feleke.png  Miss Fanaye Gebrehiwot FELEKE What does it take to change gender roles?
gebray.png  Mr Kahsay Debesu GEBRAY The Impact of Legal Gaps and Difficulties of protecting Traditional Medicine in Ethiopia: Exploring Modalities of Protection.
gebre_egziabher.png  Mr Alem Abraha GEBRE EGZIABHER Corporate Social Responsibility in EFFORT Companies. orporate Social Responsibility in EFFORT Companies.

Mr Desta Gebremichael GIDEY

Using clean Development Mechanism Projects to Address Deforestation in Ethiopia with a Focus on Afforestation & Reforestation.
gilo.png  Mr Obong Ojulu GILO Critical Assessment on Gender Injustices in Gambella Region.
gurmessa.png  Mr Nurilion Mulugeta GURMESSA The Quest for the Right to Self-Determination: Assessment of the laws and the impact of globalization
kumenit.png  Mr Tesfay KUMENIT Ethiopia’s Commitment to TRIPS Agreement and possible Implications on its Science & Technology Policy
menratu.png  Mr Robel Ephrem MEBRATU What viable IP law & Policy in Plant Genetic Resources best suits Ethiopia for ensuring farmers rights in the process of acceding to the WTO?
teklemariam.png  Miss Addiswork TEKLEMARIAM Technology transfer within the FDI policy would it make or brake the fear rolling toward sustainable development? The case for Ethiopia