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The Ethiopia Project

What is the Ethiopia Project?

We are a Capacity Building Project in postgraduate legal education and legal scholarship. Established in 2008, our objective is to build capacity using an organic methodology that allows for a positive and sustainable evolution of a postgraduate legal education and legal scholarship framework and culture in Ethiopia.

Who is Part of the Ethiopia Project?

The Ethiopia Project has emerged from an agreement between the University of Warwick and the Higher Education Strategy Centre (HESC), (a limb of the Ethiopian Government). We are a major initiative of the Ethiopian Legal Education Reform Programme.

The University of Warwick has been partnered with Mekelle University in Northern Ethiopia by the Justice and Legal Systems Research Institute, to centralise capacity building efforts at Mekelle University from where skill and knowledge can then be dispensed throughout Ethiopia.

The University of Warwick School of Law is the partner of choice for the Ethiopian Legal Education Reform Programme, due to its deep rooted tradition of Law in Context and its unshakeable commitment to Critical Legal Discourse.

What is the Mission of the Ethiopia Project?

The mission of this project is to transfer working knowledge and skills to local Ethiopian Universities for the creation and administration of postgraduate legal education courses and to create and nurture a forum and culture for postgraduate legal research and scholarship. To achieve this Warwick Law School is pushing at the frontiers of transnational education by using new and innovative methods for delivering courses and information for the students and staff engaged on the project.