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GLOBE releases new briefing note from Stephen Connelly

The Centre for Law, Regulation and Governance of the Global Economy (GLOBE) today released their first Briefing Note on ‘Registering Security at UK Companies House’ by Dr Stephen Connelly.

The note supports Jubilee Debt Campaign’s push for public registration of bank loans to states, by showing how the existing UK regime for registration of company debentures works and could form the basis for a system of loan registration. This is part of the Centre’s ongoing transformative research in tandem with Jubilee Debt Campaign, which has recently resulted in our proposals being adopted in the UK Labour Party’s General Election 2019 manifesto.

The note is part of the wider Policy Brief Series which aims to provide short, policy-relevant briefings on issues of public interest and contemporary concerns within GLOBE’s thematic areas written by GLOBE Centre colleagues. The series supports the GLOBE Centre’s objective of disseminating our academic research in accessible and relevant manner to broader audiences, including policymakers, the media, civil society groups and the general public.

The GLOBE Centre Briefing Notes are shorter documents making a specific policy recommendation and connected to a particular impact-related or public engagement activity undertaken by a member of GLOBE. Dr Connelly is the first of our colleagues to produce a Briefing Note for the Centre.

Check out the note and wider Policy Brief Series on the GLOBE website.


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