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Law graduate secures prestigious scholarship to study at Oxford

The Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest and perhaps most prestigious international scholarship programme in the world, enabling outstanding young people from around the world to undertake full-time postgraduate study at the University of Oxford.

One of its founding aims was to identify outstanding young people, with the potential to lead, who will make an impact for good in the world in later life. June Ong who graduated from our three year LLB programme in June 2019 has been awarded the scholarship as a representative of Malaysia for her studies on the (Bachelor of Civil Law) BCL course, followed by an MPhil in Law. She will be a member of Lady Margaret Hall.

We caught up with June to find out more.

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

After my final year exams, I was gently encouraged by Dr Laura Lammasniemi to apply for the Rhodes scholarship. I have been intrigued by the Bachelor of Civil Law programme offered at Oxford but the course fees were too expensive. Hence, with the twin aims of hoping to give back to my family by saving their money and to pursue a renowned postgraduate course, I decided to have a go at the scholarship application.

How did you feel when you found out you had been successful?

Upon finding out I had been successful for this scholarship, my mind was instantly cast to an array of wonderful and encouraging figures in my life. Firstly, and most importantly, there was my family who had always been supportive of whatever interests I pursued. Next came all the educators. I am grateful that throughout my three years at Warwick, I have met many role models that have not only shaped my thinking but have been my guiding light through times of need, including Dr Adam Slavny, Prof Vanessa Munro, Prof Paul Raffield, Dr Hassan Nizami, Dr Lammasniemi, Dr Arjumand Kazmi and Dr Christophe Corre (from the Life Sciences department!)

What are your plans for the future?

I am hoping to build my practice in commercial litigation and if possible, pursue a career in academia, an interest greatly influenced by Dr Stephen Connelly and Dr Andreas Kokkinis.

What do you have to say about studying at Warwick and the Law degree?

Studying at Warwick has been one of my greatest decisions as the multi-cultural nature of the campus has contributed towards many diverse and original thoughts that have expanded my perspective. Warwick Law School’s pioneering “Law in Context” approach and the range of module options offered has shaped me to be a versatile candidate. I’m extremely thankful for all the invaluable opportunities I have been presented with during my time here.

Congratulations June on this fantastic achievement. Good luck with your studies at Oxford, we know you will do amazing.

Read June’s Rhodes profile:

Find out more about the scholarship:

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