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Expert comment, COVID-19 Debt Relief for developing countries

Still too little, too late and no urgency on ‘expanded’ COVID-19 debt relief for developing countries

Expert comment by Dr Stephen Connelly, Dr Celine Tan, Karina Patricio and Chris Tassis from the Centre for Law, Regulation and Governance of the Global Economy (GLOBE) at Warwick Law School.

Fri 16 Oct 2020, 10:11 | Tags: GLOBE Centre, Staff in action, Expert Comment

New Book by William O'Brian 'A Contractarian Approach to Law and Justice: Live and Let Live'

William O’Brian, Associate Professor in the Law School, has just published his book on legal theory, entitled A Contractarian Approach to Law and Justice: Live and Let Live. It is published by Routledge in both hardback and electronic formats.

The book presents a distinctive version of a contractarian approach to law and justice. The work argues that law and justice are social norms that arise from a process of social evolution, and are binding only if and to the extent that they are mutually beneficial.

Fri 09 Oct 2020, 14:30 | Tags: Staff in action, Book2020

Carolina Alonso Bejarano wins Andrés Torres Paper Series Award

The Mauricio Gastón Institute is pleased to announce Warwick Law School’s Dr Carolina Alonso Bejarano as one of the 2019 Andrés Torres Paper Series Awardees, supported by the Hildreth-Stewart Charitable Foundation.

Mon 28 Sep 2020, 14:50 | Tags: Award, Staff in action

James Harrison wins JCMS Best Article Prize

The Journal of Common Market Studies has announced the winners of their Best Article Prize for 2019 as Governing Labour Standards through Free Trade Agreements: Limits of the European Union's Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters.

Mon 21 Sep 2020, 09:30 | Tags: Award, Publication, Staff in action

The Future of Policing: Lessons from Covid-19

A new webinar on the challenges to policing in light of Covid-19 and the role of technology in responding to these challenges. This Webinar was hosted by Professor Jackie Hodgson who is co-director of the Centre for Operational Police Research.

Wed 09 Sep 2020, 13:52 | Tags: Staff in action, COPR

New book by CJC Member Jacqueline S. Hodgson ‘The Metamorphosis of Criminal Justice’

Published in April 2020 by Oxford University Press, the focus of this book is the potentially radical and fundamental changes that are taking place within criminal justice in Britain and in France and the ways that these are driven by wider domestic, European or international concerns. This metamorphosis away from established values and practices is eroding what were once regarded as core rights and freedoms in the name of efficiency, security and justice to victims.

Mon 07 Sep 2020, 10:32 | Tags: Criminal Justice Centre, Staff in action, Book2020

The Research Never Stops

Despite the global pandemic, Law School colleagues have still continued with their research and exploring what they are passionate about. Here is a selection of some of the books they have published this year.

Wed 02 Sep 2020, 12:16 | Tags: Research, Staff in action, Book2020

Research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on commercial and consumer contract law

Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner has written a number of papers over recent months on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on commercial and consumer contracts, and how contract law might be affected beyond the current circumstances.

New Feminist Judgements Podcast Launches 20 August

Warwick Law School’s Professor Vanessa Munro and the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project launch their new podcast series this Thursday.

Wed 19 Aug 2020, 10:00 | Tags: Staff in action, Podcast

New Book on Law and Development

Sam Adelman and Abdul Paliwala’s new book ‘The Limits of Law and Development: Neoliberalism, Governance and Social Justice’ will be published by Routledge on 14 August 2020.

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