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Warwick Law Professor gives address at New Zealand Parliament

On Thursday 29th August 2019, Professor Vanessa Munro gave the 2019 Shirley Smith Address at the New Zealand Parliament. Vanessa’s talk was titled ‘Judging Juries: The ‘Common Sense’ Conundrums of Prosecuting Violence Against Women’,

Dr Kokkinis talks non-performing loans

Dr Kokkinis presented his work on the corporate governance of non-performing loans at the Society of Legal Scholars Conference, held at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston on 4 September 2019.

Dr Kokkinis' recent work on EU corporate and financial law and on Brexit and the UK financial services

As Brexit negotiations continue in the UK, Warwick Law School’s Dr Andreas Kokkinis has published one article on the issues involved for UK financial services firms:

Andreas Kokkinis and Andrea Miglionico, ‘Dos and don’ts of Brexit: The future of the UK financial services sector’ (2018) 7 Law and Economics Yearly Review 48 – 72.

Illan Wall gives Keynote Address in Washington

Dr Illan Wall gave a closing keynote address to the 2019 Law and Society Association Conference collaborative research network on International Law and Politics in Washington DC on Saturday 1 June 2019.

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Dallal Stevens to speak on refugees right to education

Dr Dallal Stevens, Reader at Warwick Law School, has been invited to present at an international expert meeting on public policies supporting the Right to Education of refugees. The meeting will take place from the 13-14 December in Barcelona.

The event will contribute towards Human Rights Day 2018, which marks the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Warwick Law shines in Singapore

Dr Mohsen Al Attar, Associate Professor at Warwick Law School, travelled to Singapore last month to deliver a guest lecture at Singapore Management University (SMU). He was welcomed by Professor Madhev Mohan into his Business and Human Rights seminar and given the opportunity to speak with the students about corporate social responsibility, the topic of the week.

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Islamic Law teaching: Challenges and opportunites

Shaheen Ali was invited speaker at the 111th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools in San Francisco (3-6 January 2017).

Under the theme of “Why Law Matters,” the meeting provided a forum for novel thinking and fresh perspectives on the role of law in society and legal education along with an opportunity to connect and collaborate with colleagues and discuss critical and emerging legal issues.

Shaheen presented on the matter of Islamic Law teaching in the 21st century global law school.

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Dr Andreas Kokkinis delivers talk on the 'persistent challenges in modern corporate governance' during his recent visit to Colombia

Dr Andreas Kokkinis visited Colombia from the 21st to the 27th of November 2016.

He was invited by the Universidad del Rosario, School of Law to convene jointly and present at a workshop titled ‘Multinational Corporations (MNCs), foreign investment and development International Economic Law and beyond’ on the 23rd and 24th of November. The workshop was convened jointly with Dr Enrique Prieto Rios from Rosario and was attended by around 15 academics from Colombia, Brazil and the United States.

Andreas also delivered a talk to students on the Commercial Law Postgraduate Course of the Externado University Law School on Friday 25 November titled: ‘The wrong reform: the failure of the EU bank bonus cap rule to enhance financial stability’. The talk was followed by a general introduction to reading LLMs and PhDs at Warwick Law School.

In addition, Andreas delivered a paper titled ‘Persistent challenges in modern corporate governance: directors’ expertise, the monitoring role of the board and executive remuneration’ at a research seminar at the Univeridad de la Sabana, Business School on Friday 25 November. The seminar was attended by academics and Masters students.

Finally, Andreas participated in the University’s delegation at a major European Universities Exhibition in Bogota on Saturday 26 November. There was a significant number of potential applicant enquiring about the new International Commercial Law LLM course.

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Dr Ania Zbyszewska is a guest speaker at the Gender Rules! Research Methods in Law seminar at the Cardiff Law School.

Monday, 20 June 2016, Dr Ania Zbyszewska was featured as a speaker at the Gender Rules! Research Methods in Law seminar at the Cardiff Law School. Dr Zbyszewska spoke about discourse analysis and regulatory design, drawing on her forthcoming book Gendering European Working Time Regimes (CUP, 2016). The seminar is sponsored by the Cardiff Centre of Law and Society and Cardiff Law School's Law and Gender research group. For more information, click here.

Dr Alison Struthers to present at the Canada International Conference on Education

CHRP fellow Alison Struthers is travelling to Canada to attend and present at the Canada International Conference on Education, being held at the University of Toronto Mississauga between the 27th and 30th of June 2016.

She is co-presenting a paper with Chrystal Lynch of the University of Manitoba entitled ‘A Comparative Exploration of Human Rights Education in Primary Schools and Higher Education Institutes’. This comparative paper draws upon the authors’ respective research fields in England and Canada and they plan to write a journal article together following the conference.

Alison is also chairing a panel on ‘Global Issues in Education and Research’.

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