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PhD welcome tea party proves to be a huge success


Last week, Professor Shaheen Ali welcomed a host of PhD students along to a Law School tea party, allowing them to share their experience and build supportive networks for the future.

A number of Law School research students, all at different stages of their studies, and academic colleagues (including the Head of School, Professor Roger Leng and chair of postgraduate study, Professor Ann Stewart) attended the event.

There was an assortment of treats on offer ranging from samosas to cake, some of which was even contributed by the Law School staff. Is there no end to their talents?

Organiser, Shaheen Ali was delighted to see so many of her students come to the event. She told us that shaheen tea party“we value all of our students, especially our doctoral students who contribute to the vibrant research environment of the school.”

The event aimed to offer students an opportunity to socialise with their peers, learn from the experiences of others and build relationships in which they can support each other over the coming months/years of their studies. Informal speeches were held to welcome new students to the academic community, and current students plus PhD mentors Sharifah Sekalala and Raza Saeed made the newcomers feel welcome whilst they all say down to enjoy the food on offer.

Shaheen told us “events such as these will hopefully strengthen the sense of community among our research students and encourage them that they have friends and colleagues around them with whom they can share their PhD journey.”







Thu 02 November 2017, 11:15 | Tags: PG News