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A word from the head of Warwick Law School on International Women’s Day


On International Women’s Day 2018, we asked Vanessa Munro, Head of Warwick Law School, to talk about the women that inspired her in her life.

 Well, narrowing down a list proved a little tricky (there are way too many great women out there to choose from) but here is a word from Vanessa herself about a selection of those motivating women that inspire her in her life and in her work:

Vanessa Munro“On the one hand, there are obvious political trailblazers from times long gone - like Millicent Fawcett and Mary Wollstonecraft – as well as inspiring women in law today – like Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the US and Lady Justice Hale in England and Wales.

There are phenomenal NGOs led by women, such as Southall Black Sisters, and a veritable army of incredible women in organisations like Rape Crisis and Refuge working tirelessly to support survivors of sexual and domestic abuse, whose own resilience and strength are always in itself hugely inspirational.

There are also the feminist scholars – like Catharine MacKinnon, Carol Smart and Kimberle Crenshaw - whose work struck a chord and provoked me to think about power and justice in entirely new ways; and to whom I will always be grateful for inspiring me to do a PhD.

But there are so many other sources of inspiration; my female colleagues who juggle dual identities as workers and mothers, my female students who insist on their right to earn equal pay, or my 4 year old daughter who parades around the house dressed as Wonder-Woman with a stethoscope and tells me that when she grows up, she is going to be a Super-Hero-Surgeon.”

Thanks Vanessa for sharing your thoughts on who inspires you this International Women’s Day and we look forward to being treated by Super-Hero-Surgeons in the future.

So after hearing Vanessa’s choices, which women inspire you?

Thu 08 March 2018, 10:08