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GLOBE Public Lecture - Professor Stephan Schill, The Future of the Investment Treaty Regime: Legitimacy Challenges and Options for Reform

Location: Room MS.03, Maths Building, University of Warwick

Abstract: In the wake of the negotiation of mega-regionals, such as CETA, TPP and TTIP, the protection of foreign investors under international investment treaties, and the dispute settlement mechanisms they offer, have become the red rag to globalization and capitalism critique. This seminar dissects the various legitimacy challenges that are brought against the investment treaty regime, develops a normative framework for governing international investment relations, and discusses concrete options for reform.

Stephan Schill is Professor of International and Economic Law and Governance at the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of World Investment and Trade, one of the major journals in international economic law and has published extensively on international investment law and international dispute settlement, including his monograph The Multilateralization of International Investment Law (2009) and International Investment Law and Comparative Public Law (2010), which he edited.

This is a joint event with the Warwick Law School Postgraduate Seminar Series.

Click here for the lecture slides: Click me

Pictures from the event:

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