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5 Sample publications

  • Refugee Protection and the Role of Law: Conflciting Identities (2014), S Kneebone, D Stevens & L Baldassar (eds)


  • ‘What do we mean by “protection”?’ (2013) 20 International Journal of Minority & Group Rights Special Issue, C. Harvey & S. Juss eds, Critical Issues in Refugee Law 1, 233-262
  • 'Legal status, labelling and protection: the case of Iraqi "refugees" in Jordan' (2013) IJRL 25:1, 1-38. Advanced on-line version available here
  • 'Asylum seekers and the right to Access Health Care' (2010) Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly Vol 61 No 4, 363-390; available here
  • UK Asylum Law and Policy: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (2004)