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Most Recent Articles

Gary Watt, 'The 2013 Southin Lecture: The Tyranny of Equality and the Torment of Equity' (2013) 46 The University of British Columbia Law Review 187 (see video of lecture here)

Gary Watt, 'Having Gods, Being Greek and Getting Better: On Equity and Integrity Concerning Property and Other Posited Laws' in (2012) 9 No Foundations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice 119 - 143

Gary Watt, 'The Equity of Esther Summerson?' (2009) 3(1) Law and Humanities 43 - 67

Gary Watt, 'Falstaff and the highwaymen: equity as outlaw' (2008) Polemos 47 - 66

Gary Watt, 'Unconscionability in Property Law: A Fairy-Tale Ending?', in M. Dixon and G. Ll H Griffiths (eds), Contemporary Perspectives on Property, Equity and Trusts Law (Oxford: OUP, 2007) 117- 137

Gary Watt, 'The Lie of the Land: Mortgage Law as Legal Fiction', in Modern Studies in Property Law - Volume IV Elizabeth Cooke (ed) (Oxford: Hart, 2007) 73-96

Gary Watt, 'The Eurohypothec and the English Mortgage', (2006) 13(2) Maastricht Journal Of European And Comparative Law 173 - 193

Gary Watt, 'Contributory Fault and Breach of Trust', (2005) 5(2) Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal 205 - 224

Gary Watt, 'Personal Liability for Receipt of Trust Property: Allocating The Risks', in Elizabeth Cooke (ed) Modern Studies in Property Law - Vol II (Oxford: Hart, 2005) 91- 109

Gary Watt, 'Laches, Cause of Action Estoppel and Election' in Peter Birks and Arianna Pretto (eds.) Breach of Trust, (Oxford, Hart, 2002) 353-377

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