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Recent books with content relevant to Shakespeare scholarship

(2013) Dress, Law and Naked Truth: A Cultural Study of Fashion and Form (London, Bloomsbury)
(2009) Equity Stirring: The Story of Equity Beyond Law, (Oxford, Hart)
(2014) Living in a Law Transformed: Encounters with the Works of James Boyd White (Michigan, Michigan UP), with J Etxabe
(2008) Shakespeare and the Law (Oxford, Hart), with P Raffield

Recent articles with content relevant to Shakespeare scholarship

(2014) “Worlds of Will in As You Like It” Polemos (DeGruyter, Berlin/Boston) (forthcoming)
(2014) “Teaching Law and Literature” 26(2) Law and Literature (2014) 231-247 (accessible here)
(2012) “The Matter of Metaphor in Language and Law” 6.1 Pólemos (DeGruyter, Berlin/Boston) 49-
64 (accessible here)
(2012) “Being Greek, Having Gods and Getting Better: On Equity and Integrity Concerning
Property and other Posited Laws” 9 No Foundations 120-143. (
(2011) “The to be of and: reflections on the bridge” 5(1) Law and Humanities 229-240 (accessible here)
(2010) “Le symbole du sang dans la performance légale et théâtrale de l'Angleterre du
début de l'époque moderne” in C. Biet and M.-M. Fragonard (eds.), Théâtre, Arts,
Violence (2010) 73 Littératures Classiques (Special Issue) 311-323.
(2008) “Falstaff and the Highwaymen; Equity as Outlaw” Pólemos (Carocci) 47-66 (accessible here)
(2007) “Breed of Metal and Pound of Flesh: Faith and Risk in Metaphors of Usury”, Pólemos
(Carocci) 95–116 (accessible here)

Book Chapters with content relevant to Shakespeare scholarship

(2014) ‘“To read him by his form”: Shakespeare on the matter of proof’ in Jean-Pierre Schandeler
and Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin (eds) Les Usages de la preuve d'Henri Estienne à Jeremy Bentham (Les Presses de l’Université Laval, Québec; Hermann, Paris)
(2012) “Comparative Law as Deep Appreciation” in PG Monateri (ed) Methods of Comparative Law
(Edward Elgar Press) 82–103.
(2011) “The Case of Conjoined Twins: Medical dilemma in law and literature” in Daniela Carpi (ed)
Bioethics and Biolaw through Literature (DeGruyter, Berlin/New York) 93-107.
(2008) “The Law of Dramatic Properties in The Merchant of Venice” in P Raffield and G Watt
(eds), Shakespeare and the Law (Oxford, Hart) 237-252.
(2007) “The Sword of Equity” in D.Carpi, Practising Equity, Addressing Law. Equity in Law
and Literature (Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter) 99-117.

Recent speaking engagements with relevance to Shakespeare scholarship

(2014) “No Play Without Will” - paper in the stream “Legal Perspectives on Shakespearean Theatre
on Shakespeare” at the Shakespeare 450 conference, Paris.
(2014) “Interdisciplinarity: The Strange case of Shakespeare and the Law” (Staff seminar, University
of Southampton)
(2013) “Dress, Law and Naked Truth” public lecture, Duke Law School, North Carolina, US
(2010) “Shakespeare and Cultures of Proof: An Interdisciplinary Study in Law and Humanities."
(The inaugural seminar in the series “Sidelights on Shakespeare”
(2009) “The Issue of Blood: Dramatic and Juridical Laws of Murder and Inheritance in Early Modern
England” presented at an International Colloquium on “Theâtre, arts et violence” (Paris X, Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art).
(2008) to deliver a public lecture on “Shakespeare and the Law” 26th May 2008 Großbritannien-
Zentrum (Centre for British Studies) Berlin Humboldt University
(2007) to present a paper at the conference Practising Equity, Addressing Law: Equity in Law and
Literature (University of Verona)