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Our history

The Centre for Human Rights in Practice was created in 2006. It now provides a focus for academics, students, practitioners and activists who wish to advance the study and promotion of human rights at local, national or international levels. It is Co-Directed by Dr. Andrew Williams and Dr. James Harrison.

Ethos and purpose: Why we do what we do

The Centre strives to engage academics and students in important real-world human rights issues. We believe that academic/student expertise and commitment has an important role to play in a number of different ways:

bullet Informing understandings of how human rights become transformational in the real world – by thinking about how we write, argue and utilise human rights discourse and the situations in which it does and does not have an emancipatory impact.

circle_bullet.jpg Undertaking applied research that is relevant to real-world human rights problems and provides insights and understandings that can be taken-up and utilised by policy-makers, legal practitioners, campaigners and others with an interest in promoting human rights.

circle_bullet.jpg Working with organisations and individuals to enhance their ability to promote human rights. This can be through capacity-building work, undertaking research projects, arranging student placements and internships or otherwise supporting human rights work.

How do we do it?

The Centre for Human Rights in Practice provides research and capacity building support to a number of human rights organisations and practitioners. We harness the Centre's academic expertise and utilise that to inform the policy and practice of human rights organisations and practitioners in a number of fields. Find out more about our Projects...







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