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Impact of our work: Writing Wrongs


Critical recognition: Winner of George Orwell Prize

Centre Director Andrew Williams has been announced as the winner of the Orwell Prize 2013, for his book "A Very British Killing", which investigates the killing of hotel receptionist Baha Mousa by British soldiers in Iraq. The judging panel stated:

He dissects and analyses with a clear-eyed determination to unpick the lies from the truths of this case, yet, for all its forensic detail, the book grips us emotionally, and has as keen a sense of storytelling as a horror story or courtroom drama. Ultimately, the greatest achievement of this incendiary, eloquent and angry book is that it humanises Mousa beyond the iconic and infamous figure he has become in his death. It was written in the spirit of Orwell's journalism.

Williams joins former winners of the prize including Francis Wheen, Fergal Keane and Tom Bingham

Find out more by reading the Guardian's coverage of the prize here.

To read Arifa Akbar's review of the book, click here. To find out more about the Orwell Prize and the official announcement, click here.

In Public: Hay Festival

Andrew Williams talks to Ed Vulliamy at the Hay festival to investigate the grotesque misconduct of war and the insidious moral corruption of everyone involved, the decay of public life, and the endemic parallels that exist with Britain’s current institutional structures. Listen to the podcast here:

hay festival

In the media: Guardian

The brutal death of Baha Mousa

In an article for the Guardian, Orwell prize-shortlisted author Andrew Williams writes on why he felt compelled to spend years investigating the death of an Iraqi civilian in a British army base in Basra in 2003.

Andrew comments,

legally it was "interesting" but then I saw the postmortem report and photographs of Baha Mousa. I can still feel the shock. They were visceral confirmation that this wasn't just an "interesting" legal case. How could that have happened?

Investigating this question provided the shocking story behind Andrew's shortlisted book: A Very British Killing

To read the full article please click here.

In the media: BBC Radio 5

Andrew Williams, Centre Co-Director and author of "A Very British Killing: the Death of Baha Mousa" interviewed on BBC Radio 5 breakfast show as the High Court decides whether it should declare unlawful the government’s refusal to order a public inquiry into alleged systemic abuses committed by the British Army in Iraq from 2003 until 2009.

Listen to the interview here:


In the media: Guardian

Baha Mousa: guilty verdict on doctor should force an inquiry into Iraq abuse

Andrew Williams, Co-Director of the Centre for Human Rights in Practice and author of "A Very British Killing: The Death of Baha Mousa" has recently written about the General Medical Council's guilty verdict for doctor Derek Keilloh, who examined Baha Mousa.

He argues that this verdict should force an inquiry into Iraq abuse.

The 'stain on the British army' that General Sir Michael Jackson (the chief of the general staff from 2003 to 2006) said the Mousa affair represented, will remain unless and until these allegations are fully uncovered and appropriate action is taken. The General Medical Council's finding against Keilloh should shame the government to take action before any order of the courts is made"

To read the full article please click here.