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Projects: Overview

cuts.pngHuman Rights, Equality and Public Spending Cuts

Cuts to public spending are likely to disproportionately affect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society. It is therefore important to analyse very carefully what the impact of multiple cuts by a range of different agencies are likely to be on affected groups and individuals. Find out more

writing.gifWriting Wrongs

Many people write in response to past and present injustices: journalists, creative writers, lawyers, historians, philosophers, sociologists. They may write to seek redress or to change policy, or they may simply want to bring wrongs to public attention. The Writing Wrongs Project aims to bring together academics and students from intersecting disciplines and provide a permanent nucleus where we can develop – publish – exchange – share our creative writing about wrongs. Find out more

european.gifEuropean Human Rights

Since its inception the Centre has charted the development of human rights in the European Union and has been awarded a succession of contracts from the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency to provide information and analysis for its Charterpedia database. The project collates information on the development and application of human rights provisions and decisions in the EU. It is currently looking at constitutional changes within the 27 member states. Find out more

governance.gifInternational Economic Governance and Human Rights

International trade law, international investment law and the activities of multinational corporations all have significant and diverse human rights impacts around the world. It is important that we understand what those impacts are so that effective action can be taken to tackle negative impacts, while positive impacts are also highlighted.. Find out more

impact.gifEquality and Human Rights Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment and Human Rights Impact Assessment are widely recognised tools for measuring human rights impacts in a great variety of fields – from development projects to activities of multinational companies, from trade agreements to activities of public authorities. But there is still relatively little consensus on how such assessments should be conducted, nor is there a great deal of critical engagement with existing practice. Find out more

education.gifHuman Rights Education

“Human rights education is fundamental for addressing the underlying causes of human rights violations, preventing human rights abuses, combating discrimination, promoting equality, and enhancing people’s participation in democratic decision-making processes.” Amnesty International. Find out more

Legal AidAccess to Justice

This project is concerned with mapping the impact of cuts to civil legal aid on vulnerable groups. The aim of this research is to provide a robust evidence base for the impact of the cuts that can be used by others to campaign for change. It is also intended to explore the different structures for the delivery of legal advice that emerge as a result of the cuts, and to evaluate their efficacy in enabling individuals to access justice. Find out more

student.gifStudent Activities

The Centre for Human Rights in Practice has developed a number of projects where students have been involved in various ways. Find out more