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Human Rights Education

Human rights education is fundamental for addressing the underlying causes of human rights violations, preventing human rights abuses, combating discrimination, promoting equality, and enhancing people’s participation in democratic decision-making processes." Amnesty International

The Centre’s work in this field assesses how the concept of Human Rights Education has been implemented on the ground, what the major impediments to its successful implementation are, and how such impediment can be overcome in the future.


New blog post published by Centre Fellow, Alison Struthers, on the controversial nature of teaching about human rights in schools.

Read the piece here.


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The Centre has published a report by Centre Fellow, Alison Struthers, entitled 'Building Blocks for Improving Human Rights Education within Initial Teacher Education in Scotland' (Centre for Human Rights in Practice, University of Warwick, 2015).

The report contains recommendations for improving the extent and quality of Human Rights Education (HRE) within Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Scotland. The research project that led to publication of the report carried out in-depth analysis of the current extent and nature of HRE provision at each of the Scottish universities currently offering programmes of ITE, and the final report sets out important recommendations for reform based on the findings from this research.


For more information about this project or any of these activities please contact Alison Struthers: a dot struthers at warwick dot ac dot uk