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Other equality and human rights impact assessment work

Corporate Human Rights Impact Assessment

In July 2012, Centre Co-director, James Harrison, produced a paper which considers the value of the 'human rights due diligence' process advocated by UN Special Representative, John Ruggie. That paper is available here. A revised version will be published in the Journal 'Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal' next year. In January 2011, the Centre responded to an online consultation by Ruggie. The response particularly focused on the issue of HRIAs by businesses and it can be accessed here.

Other Human Rights and Equality Impact Assessment Work

HRIAs by Women's Rights Activists. On 8 and 9 December 2010, Dr James Harrison gave talks at conferences in Utrecht and Amsterdam organised by Aim for Human Rights. He presented his research on methodologies for conducting human rights impact assessments of trade agreements. That paper is available here. The eight essential elements of the HRIA process set out in the paper were then utilised as the basis for discussion among women's human rights activists from all over the world to critique their own HRIA practice.

Human rights approaches to impact assessment in the health sector: On 3 October, Dr James Harrison addressed health practitioners from Scotland about how to use human rights to analyse helath practices and policies, as part of a day on 'human rights and health'. Practitioners then engaged in case studies of how to undertake combined human rights and equality impact assessment. Materials and recordings of all the presentations can be found here.