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Writing Wrongs Schools Project

During the course of the Writing Wrongs programme, we will be uploading resources on this webpage to support you with your writing projects.

Lacuna Extracts: Why I Write

To get you started, we've uploaded some extracts from the Centre for Human Rights in Practice's online magazine, Lacuna. These resources contain a short excerpt from an article that has been featured in Lacuna, followed by a brief discussion with each of the authors about why they write. These extracts will hopefully inspire and motivate you in your own social justice writing projects.


Examples of Social Justice Writing

Read below an article written by Andrew Williams for Newsweek and the beginning of his book, A Very British Killing:

Newsweek Screen Shotscreen_shot_2015-12-04_at_11.01.56.png

Resources on How to Write

In this section, we will upload resources that will help you with various aspects of the writing process.

  • In your writing, it is important that you acknowledge where you are getting your information from. See our Examples of Referencing for some further guidance on this.
  • Read here an article featured in The Guardian by author Meg Rosoff on 'Finding Your Voice'. Hopefully this will inspire you in your own writing.

Links to a Selection of Useful Social Justice Resources

Find below some useful links to a number of websites that contain examples of social justice writing.




How to Plan an Essay: panel discussion led by Anil Awesti with Christopher Davis, James Harrison and Andrew Williams

 begin_writing1.png get_stuck1.png

How do you begin writing an article?  What do you do when you get stuck?

 keep_engaged1.png plaigirism1.png

How do you write to keep people engaged? How do you ensure that you don't engage in plagiarism?